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I had an appointment with rheumatology late December last year because bloods showed rheumatoid factor, waited 3 months for this appointment after over two years suffering lots of flair ups. Was told after consultation and bloods taken for lupus they would see me in three months. I have received a letter for follow up for 4 weeks how is this when they said April it's only January. 22 years ago after bloods taken at maternity unit I was told I had the lupus antibody. Very confused.

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I would guess something has showed up in the bloods Norma and they want to discuss things with you and maybe offer treatment. It's great you've got an appointment so soon as there are shocking delays in Rheumatology appointments all over the UK. Be well prepared and ask plenty of questions. Good luck.


Thank you I'm sorry for slow reply as I am visually impaired blind so I agry I do ask a lot of questions I have suffered for the last 25 yrs of nonsense and I just hope people learn from the experience of others norma

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It's shocking you've had to suffer for so long Norma, I really hope this is the beginning of things improving for you. Lupus UK also have a wonderful site on here which you might find useful.


Thank you for your kind support but it's the same old had appointment results of bloods were Ana positive r factor positive and accp positive wants to wait and see,