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I've been doing the C25K programme for nearly 9 weeks now. I should graduate this week but I realised that my over all fitness is still pretty weak. So I'd been toying with the idea of trying the Strength & Flex podcasts for a couple of weeks so this morning finally plucked up the courage to head out the door and give them a go. For some reason I felt more nervous leaving the house to do this than I ever have doing the C25K. I was really worried about people seeing me, lol. I needn't have worried too much there was only one dog walker up at the same time as me.

Over all I have to say I found the exercises pretty easy. Only the standing up press ups and the squats felt like they pushed me at all. How have other people found them? I'm really looking forward pushing myself in later weeks.

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Hi AnnaDJ,

Level 1 is for total beginners so if you're a regular runner, you may well find the first podcast to be quite easy. Stick with it, the workouts get more challenging as you move up the levels. You can always skip levels if you feel the need. Once you reach level 5, you can download a no-intro version so you can keep using it after completing the plan, without having to listen to the intro and outro.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thank you. I think I'll move to podcast 2 in that case and see how I get on.


Hi AnnaDJ, I'm on week 7 of the Couch to 5k but my posture is terrible and I'm quite unbalanced, I'm finding some parts of me are stronger than others! Anyway going to work my way through the Strength and flex to see if it helps and hopefully it will stop me getting injured when I run. I did it today in my bedroom but felt a bit silly because my family were around. Might try it outside next time where no one knows me!

Good luck with the podcasts.


I know what you mean about feeling silly. I was really embrassed about the dog walker seeing me. I do think though it will help with posture. I'm really hoping it will help me find my tummy muscles. 3 kids down and the muscles seem to have left home.

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A tip for strengthening the muscles is to always think about "engaging" them when exercising. That means tensing the abdominal muscles. You should tense them without pushing them out (i.e. rounding your tummy) or needing to hold your breath.


Thanks for the tip. I'm really feeling the results of those exercises today. The backs of my arms feel a bit stiff. Roll on tomorrow.


I did it for the first time tonight and found it quite easy but I am just getting back into exercise after an illness so it was good to feel like I was doing something without pushing myself too far. If I had done this a year ago before I was ill I would have thought it was far too simple. I guess it is designed for people who are literally just starting out. I am going to go through it step by step to get used to all the exercises and to tie in with c25k (I'm only on week 1). I like the tip about engaging the muscles, makes so much sense. I think this is going to be good!


Hi kf96,

How's plan going? What week are you on?


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