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Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the strength and flex podcasts. I do various exercise classes including a pilates-related core stability class but this one has new exercises and it's very well explained and paced. Thank you, Laura and the team! (I'm doing C25K and started doing the strength and flex programme last week when my normal fitness classes weren't on cos of holidays).

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  • We're glad you're enjoying the workouts Sooz. Drop us a line now and then to let us know how you get on as you progress through the weeks. You can download a no-intro version of Podcast 5 to keep using it after completing the programme. Good luck!

  • Looks like its just you and me Sooz. How is the S&F going?

  • Just finished my 3rd of week 2. It's nice to do them on the days when I'm not running or doing other exercise, they are real feel good exercises. How about you?

  • Hi Soozz,

    How are you finding the increase in difficulty between each podcast? Just right? Too easy? Too much?

  • Probably slightly on the easy side, but I do already do core stability classes and other stuff, so if I was starting from scratch it would probably be about right. Started w3 yesterday!

  • PS I like the options to make it a bit more challenging, if you want to, e.g. In the standing press-ups.

  • That's great to hear Soozz. Well done on moving up to W3. Enjoy the sit-to-stands and wide squats! How many times are you doing the workouts before moving up a level?

  • Three, just like Laura says!

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