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Day two core - 59 to go

Day two

Exercise 2 routine

7 mins

1 minute of each exercise

( 30 seconds each side if needed)

Push ups - assisted, full or wall will do

Tricep dips

Bridges two legged or one legged

Plank full of assisted

Side plank full or assisted

Raised leg stomach crunch

Oblique crunch

Feel free to double up to 14 mins if you are feeling it today 😀.

Remember that pain is not acceptable. Push yourself but if it hurts stop.

All these exercises can be found on the NHS WEBSITE.

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Glad to see this appear. My opportunity for "day 2" was early this morning so I made it up. Will now do Day 2 on day 3 :)


I did these yesterday ready to move To the new ones today.


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