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Week one

I have decided to do week one twice as I am finding my routes and routines with it, also I have had a really busy week and it's been really hard to fit everything in.

As I always say it's not a race and getting to the end is the main goal however long it takes.

I have found the way Laura takes you through the stretches great as I have been doing two of them In The past slight wrong. It makes such a difference when you get your hips into the correct place for the stretch.

I have found my patio doors can be a good substitute for bench railings and I use a crosstrainer for the walking on the days I can't get out of the house but have a bit of spare time but I'm sure it would be just the same if you walked round an indoor space.

Have any of you done it indoors and what are your tips for us newbies.

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I did the first two or three sessions indoors, walking up and down the hall, into the kitchen and living room. I used the vertical stair rails for the railings, a wall for the press ups (beware doors, they might move!) and a small tv table (without a tv on it!) instead of a bench.

Then I moved outside for the walking and bench exercises before going to the park in week three.

My reports can be found earlier in this forum.


It is useful to watch the videos of Laura doing each exercise, also on the NHS webpage


I watched those, they are good aren't they.


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