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Need help about yoga

Hi, I am a yoga beginner. I want to buy some aroma essential oils and a diffuser. If someone could recommend me a brand of essential oils. I don’t know which brand is better.

I really love the Muji aroma diffuser, I found there is many same style selling on Amazon.

It is really hard to choose between these. Could anyone give some advice? Thanks.

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Hi, this is the forum for the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcast programme - which I don't think mixes particularly well with this sort of product as you will be walking around, perhaps outside.

I do yoga, very much at beginner level after several years. I haven't used scent in my practice, nor in my meditation practice so far (although I've used candles occasionally) - I am wary of getting distracted by fussing with extras eg I have only just bought myself a couple of yoga blocks. But I do use scent and essential oils generally. I would be very cautious about where I bought oils (probably not so much of an issue if you are just using them in a diffuser rather than on your skin) and go for somewhere which has a reputation they wouldn't want to lose rather than a big marketplace. You could ask an aromatherapist. And probably not splurge money on a lot all at once as they don't keep well forever. I find citruss-y oils very helpful and energizing so that's what I'd go for in a morning practice.

These products sound like an interesting idea, I've no experience of them.


I use essential oils and I use a very inexpensive candle diffuser. I use Now blends, such as Peace and Harmony while doing yoga. I also use aroma therapy DOTTERA oils for pain, headaches, stomach aches, when I'm feeling emotionally vulnerable, etc. It all comes down to how much it works for you and how much money you want to spend. Oils make my yoga experience very effective. I almost can't do without them. My diffuser cost $1. It's ceramic with a tea light in it. You might want to not invest at first to see if you like it. Namaste


yes mateeeeeeeeeeee