Ok, whoever invented squats was not my age,weight or physical make up. SAme with some of the other exercises. So I adapted them a bit and just did what I could manage. But at start of week 2 I can say I have already felt an improvement in my ability to move better, even with squats! So encouragements to all to just do what we can do and keep the activity going!

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  • Hi how are you going now? I have just found this site and am going to start this Strength and Fitness program, I wanted to do Couch to 5k but found the first 1 minute too hard, so thought this might be a good one to start. I am doing the 12 week challenge and have alot of sizes to shift down from size 20 to 12, and this is week 3 almost ready to start tomorrow.

    These pod casts seem good, are you finding it helping at all Steve? take care DoniMac

  • Well done. It's amazing when you can see the changes. I've found exercise hard but enjoy being fitter and stronger.

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