Did my first session of s+f yesterday!

morning all. I'm Carolyn - morbidly obese and aged 48. Haven't exercised for about 20 years or so.

Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life so I started s+f. Thought I was doing fairly well until she said "so now you have warmed up"! lol........... Thought I had done my exercise!

Seriously - I managed it........ just. Ready to do my next session tomorrow though and keep on with it. Onwards and upwards!

Any encouragement gratefully accepted :) :)

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  • Well done you. As they say - onwards and upwards! It's so easy and gradual to pile on the pounds - damn difficult to get it back off though! Still - you are definitely heading in the right direction. It'll be a hard slog - but so worth it in the end.

  • aw thank you so much for the encouragement! It is so hard to be motivated, but your words really help xxx

  • Well done! The first step is the hardest. At the start of the year I was over 19 stone and did no exercise. I started off with walking (not far, just half an hour a day), then moved onto the NHS C25K program, and after 7 months I am under 14 stone (almost at my BMI target weight), love running (do so three times a week) and have even signed up for my first half marathon next year.

    You can do it, and you've already tackled that first hurdle of actually starting! Kepp up the great work

  • Sounds good! Where are you doing your half marathon? I've got Hampton Court half marathon booked in February :)

  • wow! Well done! You are an inspiration! :)Thanks for commenting x

  • Hi Carolyn I've just joined this site and noticed your post.......... Well done and keep it up x

  • Good for you! Keep it up, you won't regret it going forward, I promise.

  • I found it more rigorous than I expected it would be and I have been active on and off most of my life. I have to adapt a couple of the exercises a bit. So if you have managed to complete this you have done amazingly well Carolyn, so you are an encouragement to me and no doubt others too, so very well done!

  • Maybe it's a little too much for a starting point, I would do half, and then do it for longer until you finish the work out, and feel good, and not so exhausted, (that's how I would feel) maybe you could learn a few moves and practice at home, try and remember the routine, if you practice at home, say the other side of the day you go, so if you go in the morning practice in the evening, and vice versa,

    Good luck

    Zoe xx

  • I think maybe I replied a little wrong after going back and retreading the post, so maybe take some of the idea??

    And well done, you have to be brave to attend something like that, which I'm not quite ready for, but you have shown that if your strong enough, it can be done, I bet you was really proud of yourself at the end, I hope you do great, and you are an inspiration to anyone wanting to do something like you have started, and your right, I need to stop worrying about my body jiggling around when I'm running, or exercising, and just get on with it, coz if I don't, I can't be how I want to be

    Sorry for the mix up

    Zoe xx

  • Fantastic, carlynjw. I've just done week 1 session 2 and found even more things to think about (back straight? still walking? where are those knees?) I think it's a good idea to follow the plan, take it at our own pace. No rush, allow time to get new habits forming. I'll be looking out for your messages - let's keep going!

  • hey guys - I have fallen off the wagon big time, I am afraid :( My depression has reared its ugly head and, although I know that exercise will help, I am finding it really hard to motivate myself. I am hoping to go to the gym tomorrow (exercise by referral) and hoping to pop to the park afterwards for a short walk and a s+f session whilst there. Wish me luck x

  • Hey carolynjw,

    Did you make it to the park, i really hope you did. If not, the go today, it'll be the best decision you ever make, just think off the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

    Best of luck, you can do it !!!

  • hey Mairead - I didn't :( and it is throwing it down here in sunny Wales today but will try and motivate myself for it tomorrow. Have my CBT session and always feel better after that, so it may be a good idea to link it to that :) Thank you for your friendship :)

  • Well done you - The first step is the hardest and you will feel amazing in a few weeks. :-):-)

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