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Hello All,

Another update. Despite working hard I have been unable to retain anything much more than 90 degree flexion after my TKR at the end of August. I still have a small amount of swelling although the swelling has gone down considerably in the last few weeks. Every time I do my exercises - 3/4 times a day plus a gym session, it is like starting again and I have to work up to get 90 to 95 degree flexion. This is likely to have been caused by the excessive swelling and bleeding around the joint from being on permanent blood thinners for my AF and inability to take anti inflammatories. So, on Wednesday 4th December I am back in hospital overnight to have this MUA. I guess this will put me back almost to the beginning again but I will be in better shape as my leg muscles have been built up from the exercises.

Has any one else had this and what did you find beneficial in the weeks following.

Thanks for all your help and support over the last few years,


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Hi Desanthony, I'm sorry that post your TKR you continue to have problems with swelling of the joint and mobility. Do take care, get better soon. I have not had a TKR yet, but find I will need one in a couple of years. Thank you for sharing all those details.


Don’t get discouraged.... keep moving. Ice for pain

Desanthony in reply to OrthoRN87

Have managed to get around 15 degrees more flexion with the hope of gaining more with continued exercise. the MUA took a matter of minutes - took longer to take me down to theatre, sedate me and bring me back. I was then put on a CPM (think that stands for continuous passive movement) which kept my leg moving after the procedure and then every couple of hours during the night. I don't sleep well anyway so just as well. Home now and just done my first set of exercises and still have the same flexion - despite sitting in the car for an hour and then having a snooze after lunch. Have two more physio appointments before Christmas and see the surgeon again after Christmas - they will be sick of the sight of me by then!

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Sorry to hear you had to go thru this but hoping if will be better. I dont know if I shared this before, but 6 weeks after my first knee replacement on 9/5, I had to go back to surgery on 10/29 and have the implant removed and a new one put in! The first one moved out of place. It was a cementless type, doc said my bone didnt grow to it. Second one is cemented, so far so good. My flexion is 100-105 now. We are having more trouble with the extension but I walked with a stiff bent knee for years so dont think it will get better fast. Good luck to us! Life and old age is not for cowards😉

Desanthony in reply to Hidden

How are you now Hoski? The manipulation was no bother at all and i have gained at least another 15 degrees flexion which I am happy with. No pain or swelling after the procedure either so very happy with the result. Still have to keep exercising as hard, if not harder than before but happy doing that.

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Im doing much better now, glad the worse parts are behind me!

Desanthony in reply to Hidden

Glad you are doing better. I still can't lie on my side in bed which helps with my back pain so am getting some back pain along with the knee pain that kicks in then. Annoying but generally so much better it doesn't really worry me. - well not that much.

Try gently massaging the calf and thigh, warm muscles move better.

Desanthony in reply to LaceyLady

MY lovely wife massages my leg with bio oil 3/4 times a day before she puts me through the exercises given by the physio. I enjoy the leg massage - not so keen on the exercises though. However, the day I can do them and can't feel the strain of the muscles, tendons, skin etc stretching will be a darn good day.

I read it can take up to a year for the swelling to subside and when I had my bunion op, that was so. So with my partial replacement I expect the same.

Yesterday I went to my physio, a man I r known for years, he gave my muscles a massage/manipulation which helped my knee. I do have bulky muscles through exercises over the years.

While I’m sitting at the kitchen table, I slide my foot under the chair as far as it can go, in socks

Yes. It will take a long time for everything to settle down as so much muscle and bone has been disturbed without the trauma to all the rest of the area. I was still getting twinges around my new hip at the 2 year post op point and surgeon said that is not unusual.

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