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Limp after knee replacement?

I had a rt knee replacement( tkr) 3 mo ago. Sadly I had to have it redone 6 weeks later as the cementless implant somehow got out of place, so with second surgery, doc put a cemented one. Im about 8 weeks out from second surgery. Im doing well but cannot get rid of my limp. Im in no pain, no apparent reason for limp so therapist and I think it is a habit. Anyone else have this issue?

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Hi, I've had a partial knee replacement on the 22/11/19, so still in recovery. Are you still doing the exercises? I've just been given the Lunge exercise ! Does your knee or leg hurt?

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Im doing all the exercises, no pain. Therapist tells me pain is only reason for people to limp so we think it is a habit as I limped before the surgeries.

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Another reason might be, if your leg lengths are different and in that case, may need an insert for your shoe.

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My gripe from the Op, is I told them I'm allergic to elastoplast and the 10" dressing has caused a severe angry, itchy red rash:( Currently using Betnovate on it and hoping it will go. For those who may be affected.

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That sounds horrible

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Yup. I'm hoping I wont be left with the discolouration:(

I agree that it could be a learned way of walking. I've had problems with my knees for years, and I learned to walk with a limp. It gradually improved, but I'm not sure if my muscles were weak in certain places, or if it was just habit. I did lose my limp eventually.

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That is encouraging. I put the surgery off too long and my stiff knee was bent, the therapist says my muscles need to be stretched and strengthened to get my new knee joint straight, he said that will help fix my limp

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Exactly. My one knee also did not extend fully. After the inflammation simmered down, and mobility improved, I eventually could walk without a limp. But it was years. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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Thankyou! That is very reassuring.

I am 47 and looking at having a cementless total knee replacement in the next month. Did they say why the cementless did not work? They say I have to do it because I will need a second replacement in 25 years or so.

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My therapist has a cementless and has never heard of this happening. All my doc said was “ I thought your bone was strong enough”. I think this was just an odd ball thing. Im 66.

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I’m pretty scared about the whole thing despite having three ACL reconstructions on the same knee and doing fine on those recoveries. What advice do you have for the first week to ten days? I want to be prepared. I want to have the raised toiled seat, shower seat, and whatever else and experienced patient has wanted or needed!!

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Having done the surgery twice in 60 days... I was scared to death first time thru. Second time it wasnt as hard. Pain on both not as bad as I expected. I think it was harder mentally than physically as I got bored but my brain couldnt get focused on reading probably due to pain meds. It is important to take your pain meds regularly to stay ahead of the pain for the first couple weeks at least. Keep your bowels moving as the pain meds are very constipating. The doc will probably prescribe something to help prevent that. Have someone with you the first week at least. Write down when you take your pain meds as over time you will forget. Do all the exercises they tell you to do, helps if you take pain meds 30 min to an hour before therapy. Hang in there. Im a retired nurse and was scared, it wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It just takes time to recover. You will be tired. Let us know how your surgery goes! You are young, you will probably get right thru it . My therapist is in his 40’s, he has no issues, said cementless is only way he would go.

Thanks for the help!! You rock!!

I am glad you are doing better.

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Thankyou! It has been a real challenge💜

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