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MY JUICING EPIPHANY - my kitchen has become my home-made pharmacy ;)


(This is a longer version of the article on page 8 of 'Hot News' - The Raynauds and Scleroderma Association's quarterly newsletter / magazine )

This is just too good to not share !

In September 1997 I was officially given my ‘systemic sclerosis and raynauds’ diagnosis. There in after the roller coaster journey began.

Anyone else who is also on this diagnostic life ride will understand the numerous implications involved on this journey. After 10years plus of taking a cocktail of immunosuppressants, as well as spending most of last year on antibiotics for the digital ulcers on my fingers, I hit a turning point in December 2012.

My diet had gradually decreased in variety, as well as quantity, over the course of the diagnosis years, mainly due to the ongoing changes with my gi tract, as almost everything I consumed induced painful acid due to the systemic sclerosis.

Well, following 7 days of being put on my back with a virus, my epiphany moment came. Enough was enough with constantly feeling lethargic, sluggish, and not to mention the chronic pain piercing my musculoskeletal system from year to year.

I researched into buying a juicer. I had read in numerous articles the benefits of juicing and going on a ‘raw’ diet, but had casually dismissed them, telling myself ‘that could not be for me as my acid would love that !’

But having spent another week of my life in my bed courtesy of being ill, I was up for anything which would make me feel better. I got onto Jason Vale juicemaster’s website ( and got my juicer and literature delivered the next day – too easy ! Jason has devised a 7day juice plan which he promotes loses 7lbs in weight, but the weight loss was a bonus for me as my main priority is to put fresh wholesome nutrition in to my body, to detoxify from all of the prescription medicines, as well as provide my cells with the best natural fuel to restore them back to their natural state of health and well being!

I got started on with the 7 day plan and by day 2 I could feel a shift. By day 7 my energy levels had increased dramatically, however, I was by then looking forward to eating some solid food! At the time of writing this I am on Day 91 of incorporating fresh juice mixtures in to my daily diet routine. I can also say that the constant sluggishness which I had been feeling for years, has dramatically reduced and although my raynauds limits me with my trips out and about, it is just great to feel better! As well as my ‘muffin 6 pack top’ has become a shadow of its former self!

An example of my daily routine now is : breakfast, alpen (no sugar added) + unsweetened soya milk, followed by a smoothie made from juicing grapefruit, pineapple, orange, apple and blending with probiotic natural yogurt + banana + blueberries. I have read in one of Jason’s books that grapefruit is good for reducing calcium deposits, which have been a huge challenge to me over the last decade as well as the scarring that they leave.

Over the course of the day I will have a super green juice which comprises of juicing together apples, pineapple, cucumber, lime and then blending with wheatgrass powder, spirilina + a high strength probiotic capsule. Surprisingly the intense green colour resulting liquid tastes quite pleasant. But having been a ‘snake bite and black’ girl for a while at university, I had inadvertently and unknowingly prepared myself for such an experience!

My other meals will now include chicken or fish accompanied with a variety of steamed vegetables or a turbo salad, consisting of everything which takes my fancy from the salad bar. I have cut out all bread / yeast products, potatoes and my sluggishness / bloated feeling has subsided. I no longer start my day with a mug of sweet milky tea, thinking this was my ideal turbo start followed by a slice of white bread buttered toast, replacing it with hot water and a slice of lemon or mint tea. I am not sure if I have lost weight as I do not possess a set of scales, however, I do feel more toned and even my skin feels softer! Alas, I admit that I have succumbed to a few cakes and chocolates here and there, after the first 7 days of just juicing!

I am still taking my tablet medication for my raynauds as well as having the omeprazole nearby but my gi problems, mainly acid, have certainly improved during the last 5 weeks !

It is my intention to continue feeling better and wanting to feel good – Ive still got dreams to fulfil and a diagnosis to erase! If you give juicing a try, I hope that you have great results with it also, reigniting and reboosting your natural energy circuit to get reaching for the stars again. :)

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This is encouraging because I have been looking into juicing.mainly for all the reasons you stated . Certainly going to give it a try.


SO gd to read this i have also been juicing veg and fruit but the only thing i was told not to take was grapefruit while taking nifedipine i wondered have u give up on nifedipine r is it really ok to take grapefruit? im defo going to stick at this brocilli is quite nice juiced and thats a veg i dont like at all!!


HI really interesting reading .. I saw your article in the Hot News & was intrigued ...can I ask do you actually still take omeprozole ? you say t's nearby - I have been reading alot about the side effects of the tablet & am keen to know your thoughts ..

Can I ask also do you have CREST ?



Hi everyone !

ah, I am glad that you enjoyed the article ! I can not believe the difference in my general energy levels - I have more stamina and do not feel as bloated ! that is why I had to share as I have spent in excess of a decade feeling so so so lowsy !

I would check the contraindications section of the patient information leaflet to see if grapefruit is contraindicated. I know that it is not recommended with statin use as it interferes with the cytochrome p450 mechanism in the liver !

I have read that a more alkaline based diet is advised for reducing inflammation and strengthening of a weakened immune system. Brocolli and beetroot in its rawest form are thought to have excellent blood cleansing and liver cleansing properties. However, there is no exact medical scientific paper which supports these claims, as far as I am aware !

I have been taking omeprazole for the best part of the 16 years of my diffuse scleroderma and raynauds journey. However, i must admit, I usually pop one upon the symptoms presenting themselves as opposed to the preventative measure of a twice a day dose ! I also tend to know which foods will trigger the heart burn acid, so I avoid them ! As I try to focus on preventing the acid as opposed to taking more tablets to cure it.

I certainly am a typical text book case of the CREST acronym (not that I am proud of this... ), however, I have over the years learnt, and am still learning, to make alterations in my lifetysle to accommodate my diagnosis ! I no longer push myself on anything, as I do not want to end up back in bed for a few days for failing to respect the aches and pains !

This has been a huge challenge for me as I am learning to listen to my body and just 'be', without beating myself up that I am not doing anything by way of being back on my hamster in a manic wheel lifestyle ! Each day, I know that I am doing the best I can for my body to heal and get itself better ! Hence the juicing and the raw diet - yes it requires some discipline, but the oesphageal and stomach involvement with my scleorderma had eradicated most 'naughty' foods (not much nutritional content goodies) out of my diet which I would enjoy anyway ! and now, even when the scleroderma stomach tries to tell me that it doesn't want to eat anything, I will make myself eat at least a childs portion, reminding myself that 'this is fuel for me to get better and feel better', with each mouthful !

There is some more info on my journey with this diagnosis in the 'about me section' of my profile ... and I would love to hear of any tips you have found to be helpful on the diet / eating plan, side of things of living with scleroderma :)


I have some experience of a raw food diet - all positive. When I was competing we would introduce this regime and apart from enjoying a range of interesting diets, learning new recipes, I had a lot more energy and my skin was wonderful.

We have mainly a vegitable based diet and our bodies really enjoy raw food.

Being more disciplined does help with shape and I am currently working on a sugar free diet (not easy) and can't wait for Spring greens.

A friend with cancer is reporting amazing results and a much improved liver function on a strict diet as you have also tried. He has now introduced chicken and feels much stronger and more able to tackle the chemo.

I think I will now look more seriously at purchasing a juicer although my body does not like fruit I do eat grapes and blueberries but feel fear at the mention of grapefruit.

I look forward to more reports on your results.


Second line diets should read salads (how did I manage that?


I really appreciate reading your experience/testimony. It's all encouraging. I don't use my juicer as often as I should, but reading your article is so insightful and encourages me to use mine a few times a week at least. Thanks so very much for sharing. Keep feeling good and keeping a positive spirit - it's infectious and I do appreciate.


I too read your excellent article in the Hot News and it inspired me! I have Limited Scleroderma with Raynauds, or Crest, and after reading your article decided to give it a try. I went onto and bought one of the Phillips juicers Jason Vale recommends ( but I bought it cheaper on Amazon!) and started a 3 day detox yesterday. I was tempted to nibble one of my grandaughters thighs yesterday I was so hungry but today, after having a lovely berry smoothie, I don't feel so hungry! I can't have any grapefruit though because it stops the nifedipine (Adalat), that I have to take, working properly. After only one day I feel 'lighter' and less bloated - so I'm hoping for good things. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Angela x


Ah thanks for the great feedback everyone ! I would love to hear how the juicing experience goes for you ! and, Angela-Lee - wow, great deal on your juicer ! I know what you mean about the first few days hunger.... I could have eaten anything, which was a refreshing change to actually be desiring / craving food, as this has not happened for probably about 15 years, as I have the diffuse form of scleroderma with the gut implications that go along with it ! I spent years, when I was at work, just living on Weetabix as I did not want to have to keep rushing to the toilet !

So I realise now that I am on the challenge of repairing and rejuvenating my GI system after years of neglect ! hence the juicing ! I am beginning to think that it all must be inter-related, and I have read articles recently, which highlight the necessity for a healthy functioning gut for a fully functioning immune system.

Also, on those first few days of the juicing, although I was craving everything a menu could consist of, I wasn't actually hungry, if that makes sense? as I found the juicing plan to be quite filling and actually had one juice less than recommended as I just couldnt fit it in ! I put this so called hunger down to my sugar gremlins trying to get me to return to my old habits ! I am on day 98 today ! and I have noticed that my skin is softer and smoother ! Happy juicing :) x


Hi there

Thank you for your inspiring juicing story. I just wondered how you were doing - my reflux has been a real pain over the last few weeks. I hope you are still doing well.

With best wishes


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