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Healing from Autoimmune: Epstein Barr Virus


Am recovering from systemic scleroderma using homeopathy and diet control (moving food sensitivities and triggers which only feed the fire of inflammation). Homeopathy removes Epstein Barr Virus, which is the root of most disease, especially autoimmune. It can be fixed. Extract from Medical Medium, Anthony William’s book (almost verbatim plus an addition):

Raynauds and Autoimmune: a result of poisons from the liver backing up into the bloodstream - dirty blood syndrome. the backlogged poisons in this case are a specific type of troublemaker, viral waste matter. Mercury and other toxic heavy metals contribute to liver’s struggle and feed the virus so it can create more toxic waste. those presenting with Raynauds have a specific resident of the liver: the Epstein Barr virus (there is homeopathic remedy for this as well as the toxic plasmas and heavy metals), whether or not this is detected in blood work. While much of the EBV might have moved on to the thyroid or beyond, some of it has remained in the liver.

You can learn more about anti-viral protocols as well as EBV’s viral byproduct (viral corpses, neurotoxins and dermatoxins) in Thyroid Healing. When this waste matter which contains traces of toxic heavy metals, escapes from the liver, it can hover and float close to the skin, changing the pigment in those areas. the thick dirty blood and viral liver create the circulation issues of Raynauds, with toxins etc. gravitating to areas of lower circulation (fingers and toes). The more poisons in the blood there, the less oxygen, hence the discolouration. Tingles and numbness can come about from the rogue neurotoxins congregating in the blood. Inappropriate diet can feed the virus, worsening symptoms. Its a viral and a liver problem that can be cleaned up, not the body turning against itself, as the misguided autoimmune theory speculates. Organic celery juice on its own first thing on an empty stomach and pectin (apple/modified citrus pectin help clean up the blood and liver. You have to read/ make yourself aware, find a good homeopath/ naturopath/ functional doctor and follow very strict diet guidelines if you want to get better.

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is there a “report drivel” button on HealthUnlocked?

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There is no need for this kind of response. The original message was posted by someone who has experienced relief from a debilitating condition and wanted to share their experiences. I totally get it. We are using diet and lifestyle to help my son recover from scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It does really work for those who are willing to try it. It’s a shame more people can’t open their minds to a more holistic approach. My son is only 15 and he has embraced his new lifestyle brilliantly and he is seeing the benefits in his health and managing to stop all medication and no longer had to suffer the side effects he was getting. You may not be willing to open your mind but please don’t try to put others off from doing so.

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Diet and lifestyle absolutely. Homeopathy is absolute rubbish and I feel strongly that people posting selling books and pseudo-science sounding drivel should be called out. My view is I’m protecting everyone from people praying on individuals looking for effective medical relief selling their rubbish. Literally all of that “science” is rubbish. I love this forum & everyone’s genuine experience sharing :) this post is just rubbish. Sorry if my calling them out offended you.

The vast majority of people you know and many you don't will be using allopathic medicines of some sort, and these forums highlight the problems that vast numbers of people experience who are using allopathic medicines. Indeed you yourself have many entries talking of issues with one med or another.

But here you make a sweeping statement that homeopathy is rubbish. I know people it has worked for, even though I have not yet indulged.

If you were to read further instead of just 'accepting' the prevalent medical views of the moment, you would be aware that often throughout history prevailing views have been proven incorrect.

Science is NEVER settled. Full stop.

There are always new discoveries, and mavericks that eventually overturn common practice.

It of course makes sense to have a healthy scepticism, but to close your mind completely to possible ways to improve the health of you and yours is in my opinion inadvisable. Even when it is not the current standard of practice.

Thank you for the great information. I’m in the process of finding a surgeon to have my breast implants removed. They are full of heavy metals and I got diagnosed with scleroderma and Raynaud’s a couple of years after having problems with them. I’m sure I always had the gene but exposure to silica is one of the known contributing factors. Western medicine doesn’t have a grip on autoimmune so I am open minded to researching and learning outside of conventional medicine. Thank you again.

I definitely agree with the holistic approach whenever there is disease there is usually an infection in the body Either viral or bacterial. But we have to get rid of the infection this can be done with diet but depending on how serious you may need antibiotics. Like in my case I have systemic scleroderma went untreated for 3 years so diet alone was helping but I needed more. Go to roadback.org read others success stories they helped me and doctors there will actually do tests to see if you have bacteria overload in most cases this is the trigger and then leaky gut allows it to get in your bloodstream.

Thanks for posting.

This is the first time I have come across this so I am not yet ready to tie my colours to the mast. But I will read further.

What i have learned over time is that allopathic medicine makes for a sticking plaster to allow people to continue their lives in the same manner without making any changes.

But if something lifestyle related has contributed to the condition it won't be resolved without changes. It may be silenced for a while but not cured. If enough sticking plasters are applied then the body will eventually be overwhelmed. At that point there is often a fatal consequence. So change at an earlier juncture is possibly best practice.

Although I do think there may be a degree of genetic link to some diseases, I think it incredibly unlikely that the explosion of auto immune illnesses can be entirely linked to genetics. Why within a generation or so have all of these come about? I don't think it is down to better diagnostics either. I think these are new diseases that have sprung up within a generation or two. In my opinion there is a likely lifestyle or environmental element or elements that have triggered the growth.

I think functional medicine has a lot to impart to the allopathic community. Indeed many people find cures through other types of medicine when allopathic medicine has decided it has no more to offer.

nothing to sell btw. was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma in march 2012. just sharing my experience with the hope that others might benefit. I remember being terrified and so anxious. I read Anthony's book after my healer was already working on my heavy metals and epstein-barr. His book just confirmed what she was doing. I haven't been retested yet, but I can now almost completely close my hands and I have my lips back (no more pulling tightness there. It's a world away from the conventional gatekeepers of medicine approach, and takes a real mental shift in approach).

for those who are too sceptical of the homeopathic approach (thereby blocking the power of this energy medicine working for them), anthony's book, and other of his online resources (I think he's on insta as well)... give natural foods that detox the body of different stuff... no, I'm not selling anything, no, I don't know him, no, I'm not his agent... no, I don't get a cut for every bit of coriander you chew. And absolutely no wheat, dairy, eggs and sugar. Throws fuel to the inflammation every time, setting off a chain of inflammation for months. Doctors study nutrition for 2 days on their pharma funded schooling. They will say what mine said... that diet has nothing to do with it! Couldn't be more wrong.

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