Can any give me some comforting advice?

I just found out I need to have an Endoscopy done, and I have Aspergers, so I tend to get exaggerated fears about worse case scenarios of what might happen. It's so annoying because it is a little day procedure and its a proactive procedure for my health. Unfortunately, I suffer a lot because I have stupid phobias about medical procedures. It makes me feel like a stupid idiot.

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  • Ask for sedation when you have your endoscopy. Tell them in advance. All the best

  • I was given the option of throat spray or sedation, I chose throat spray as I could go straight home, but I agree with Zenabb, ask for sedation, telling them in avance.

  • I had sedation, and i couldnt remember a thing! In fact, i thought they hadnt done it!!

  • Me too !!!!

  • Hi....please try not to worry too much about your endoscopy.... you are bound to feel worried and apprehensive...... it is a normal response that many individuals are feared of the unknown, I was exactly the same.........the nursing and medical staff in the endoscopy suites are trained to a very high standard, and their professionalism and level of care is impeccable.... they will help you feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after your procedure......inform the nursing staff of your concerns and anxieties prior to your appointment.........they will reassure you and ensure that have the correct medication to help you feel safe and sedated throughout you investigation........ take a friend or relative with you.........try not to worry, you will be well looked after.... X

  • thank you for making me feel somewhat normal

  • When my dad had an colonoscopy (up the rectum) he was offered sedation or gas and air, so do talk to the endoscopy team and let them know your preference.

    I'm awaiting referral for a gastroscopy (down the throat) and because I have a very strong gag reflex I will be requesting sedation.

    Everyone is different and copes with medical procedures differently - I got really worked up over having an echocardiagram until I found out what was involved and then I felt really silly, and I work at the hospital!

  • Hi, my mother has had this three times in 8 months, totally different reasons. Each time she chose the spray - I personally would go for sedation :)

  • I have had it done a couple of times. Ask for the sedation, you'll sleep through the whole experience.

  • I have an endoscopy every three months - always ask for sedation and you don't feel a thing. Tell them you are nervous and usually you will find the staff very caring. Good luck!

  • You obviously have fears and that is understandable. I hate medical procedures, but I deal with things by looking at the benefits offered.

    These procedures were not possible some years back. And it was wait and watch or cut you open if there was a need for investigation.

    So then, consider just what a move forward this is. All over within a short time period and with knowledge of whether you need further treatment or not. Hopefully not. But the procedure will give that answer.

    When you see things in that context, its altogether easier to deal with. If you feel you will benefit then ask for sedation. I do with some procedures that I find scary. The staff will assist you in whatever way they can.

  • I had an endoscopy a few months ago. I had what is called conscious sedation. I slept through the procedure even when they stretched the lower third of my esophagus. No complications as it is a very simple procedure. Take the sedation. Good luck to you.

  • I've had endoscopy twice, both times I chose the throat spray as I had to drive myself there and back. I was very very nervous the first time and despite throat spray I felt as if left side of my throat wasn't numb. Not long into the procedure the nurse asked me to put my right leg down - I couldn't imagine what she meant, but I glanced down and my right leg was right up in the air!!! Must have been because I was so tense - she had to tell me twice more - the only funny thing about the whole procedure really (though not funny at the time).

    Overall though it wasn't too bad so I chose throat spray the second time ... my leg stayed down this time but for some reason I found it very painful - either the tube they used was bigger, or my oesophagus has shrunk (or hardened more?): I suspect it is the latter. Either way I will definitely be having sedation if I have to have another one.

  • An endoscopy is done while you are put to sleep for a short time. I have had many. Nothing to it. Talk to your doctor, I'm sure you will be asleep. And before you know it, you are back awake, but getting lots of attention and then you go home.

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