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Mild Raynauds for 7 years is getting worse-any ideas to what might help??

Hi, I have had Raynauds for the past 7 years and it seems to be getting worse. I had a blood test taken the other day, and I am still awaiting the results, as my Aunty has Lupus, and Raynauds can be a symptom. I don't want to start on any medication yet if I can help it, so does anyone have any ideas of things that I can do before I start medication.

Thanks a lot,

Amelia x

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Keeping your hands protected from major tempature change. Keep the hands moisturizer. I also, have Raynauds and I'm now on medication as, I couldn't take the pain any longer. I wasn't sleeping from it. I take Norvasc 5mg. It has helped and I now can get sleep. I also,have Limited Scleroderma and take lots of other medication. I'm not happy about it but, if mean its buying me time then, I'll live with it. I'm thankful they have my disease under control. I wish you only the best but, as someone said, to me on here, it's your hands and you don't want to get ulcers. They are painful!


If I could give you one advice is this: Take the meds and spare yourself the intense pain from when the blue stage happens. For the longest time my drs wanted me to take meds and I kept saying no because I didnt know that the pain could be taken away or significantly reduced. Keep your hands warm at all times. The sweet kind people on here have a lot of good advice. When you have some extra time do a word search on this website and put in "raynauds and read the threads you will get lots of idea.

I have pharmacaphobia and for the longest time fought the meds and I regret it because the meds will help you have less "digital infarts" thats Dr. speak for finger ulcers. It is good that you are going to get tested for possible autoimmune diseases. Raynauds is a symptom that can be reasonbly controlled.


These 2 previous comments have included a wealth of advice for you. I would just like to piggy-back on the responses and reinforce encouragement for you to always be prepared for chilly hands and fingers by carrying the right type of gloves that keep your hands the warmest. Two pairs of my favorite gloves indicate on a separate tag "Thinsulate insulation 40 gram." I purchased them last winter and they prevent chilliness to the hands better than any other pairs I have. I too have Scleroderma and Raynauds. So far I'm not on meds for the Raynauds and take my gloves everywhere throughout the seasons, even if it's a 100 degrees. Other comfort accessories to keep on hand are Personal Heat Pads by Heat Treat - great for muscle and arthiritis pain - air activated and sooths for up to 12 hrs. Comes in a box of 4; and there's Hand Warmers by Grabber Warmers - instant heat for 7+hours - air activated (I had purchased these from Bed Bath and Beyond last winter for $1.99. And you should be able to purchase these at most pharamacies. I live in the Mid-Atlantic East Coast Region with all 4 seasons during the year. It can be quite chilly at any given time - so I stay prepared and always have 2-3 blankets in the car, and 2 are fleece. Fleece material is very friendly for cold-natured conditions. I wish you relief and more consistency with comfort.


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