Passing out and low blood pressure

Lat Friday I was out shopping and collapsed, passed out in our local supermarket...i ass taken to the A & E department of our local hospital. It transpired my BP had dropped significantly.. I was kept there for 5 hours with bp readings taken every 20 mins, ECG done which showed no problems....finally released as my BP had risen slightly, and advised to rest.. I had recently been started on a new medication which is a substitute for illiprost....and it does lower the bp...but before the dizzy and fainting spell was feeling well, and had pink fingers, which are usually white or blue. Has anyone else experienced this? and what was the outcome.....would be interested in hearing about your experiences....thank you

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  • Although I didn't actually faint, I had a couple of dizzy spells when I was put on nifedipine for my Raynauds/scleroderma. After seeing Dr about it, decided due to low blood pressure and we changed the timing of my medication - last thing at night so at least I was already lying down! Changed to sildenafil shortly after that which does a better job for my digital ulcers, so can't give an update I'm afraid!

  • thank you...

  • Hi there

    Was given Losartan for my Raynauds recently. Told to take 1 tablet for a week then up it to 2. When I took 2 noticed that I often felt 'dizzy' or 'zoned out'. My bp has always been on low side and reading info for Losartan is said about lowering bp so decided to go back to 1 Losartan only. Not sure how effective this is as currently still suffer with ulcers and 'dead' fingers and toes. Dont know if this helps - hope so.

  • Hi I have had similar bouts of passing out or nearly over the last two years and even was admitted to hospital because my Blood ,pressure dropped dangerously low 56/40. The too bloods for cortisol levels and they came back low and I am still being investigated for this. You see cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland that sit on top of your kidneys and help regulate Blood pressure. So worth checking out.

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  • thank you for that, I will certainly get that checked out. I hope you are well, you are very kind to respond..take care..

  • Glad I could help let me know how you get on. Take care


  • I use fludrocortizone .1mg at night and .5mg in am to manage my orthostatic blood pressure. Orthostatic blood pressure can be diagnosed by taking your blood pressure laying down after resting a few minutes, taking it again after standing without moving a full minute. If your bp drops 20 points or more upon standing your considered orthostatic. Orthostatic bp is a common problem with some people with Crest as systemic Scleroderma often affects the blood vessels. ITS IMPERITIVE that you stay hydrated. FLUDROCORTISONE helps the adrenal glands.

    A Tilt Table Test is another test that can be done to determine if you have orthostatic hypotension. LOW BP CAN LEAD TO SEIZURES IF NOT TREATED. IT CAN ALSO BE DEADLY.

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