Stiffness and 'dead' feeling in legs and ther joints

Does anyone experience these strange sensations, particularly in the legs, whereby they feel heavy and wobbly, and make walking very laboured,plus stiffness when in same position for even short periods, in neck and back, hips, knees etc.Is there anything we can do, mine has become much,much worse within the last month???

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  • yes, I am the same. How old are you? Mine i a mixture of Raynaud's, scleroderma and old age. When I walk I have to keep stopping every few yards and I can't go far. I used to do exercise at the Gym.

  • I am nearly 47, taught ballet for 25 years, and after struggling to continue with rest days in between etc. I have had to stop this year as my lungs have severely worsened. This 'stumbly walking' thing is yet another new sympton, just wondering if it's the preliminary stage of ntot being able to walk at all? or if there's anything I can do about it??

  • Yes I suffer as well, sometimes I struggle to pick my feet up when walking. My joints crackle all the time i.e. toes, ankles, knees etc. I tend to trip a lot and have fallen over a number of times, cutting my knees. Wish I could suggest something but I'm struggling too.

  • There really doesn't seem to be anything we can do to help! Best wishes Cardiff Lady, x ( I have had 'Bowens technique' suggested so I may make some enquiries, might help the lungs too??) :)

  • Hi SandraMarie; I feel the legs feel as though I have lead weights attached, my shoulders and arms don't stop aching, despite that I take regular strong analgesia and keep myself warm. .........I have hot baths and showers.......rub local analgesic gels into my muscles ;......but still I ache........I have had some respite from my chest problems until recently....... I blame the change in weather !!!!!!, it's much colder, and now my breathing and chest problems have started to rear their ugly head again......?

  • Dear Sandramarie, perhaps you should see a neurologist. Consult your GP. Don't give up at all.

  • Thankyou zenabb, we must none of us give up, just keep adjusting :)

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