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Did medication trigger your Scleroderma?

I have reason to believe that taking a course of medication (the antidepressant Effexor / Venlafaxine) triggered my CREST and maybe my Psoriasis. Naturally I stopped taking the medication once I suspected it might be a causal factor, and the symptoms have more or less stabilised but have not been reversed. I have filled out a Yellow card reporting this issue.

I would be interested to know whether anyone else has noticed a correlation between taking a powerful medication of some kind and the onset of Scleroderma. In my case it was about a two months lead-in time.

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No, I want taking any medications when my symptoms started. I do live in the Midwest and I'm actuality curious if anyone haa lived in or near Philadelphia i lived,there forsix months in 1995 & was diagnosed in 2006 raynauds and severe joint pain started in 2003.


i was 13 when i got psoraisis, but remember i used to get white fingers earlier than that,however joint pains were slight, they really started in my 50's and now in my 60's are REALLY bad..i'm from northern england


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