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Has anyone out there been mis-diagnoised with Raynaurds to find out later that they actually had Buergers Disease?

I have been diagnoised with Buergers Disease and have currently over the last year lost 8 of my ten fingers by amputation due to circulation problems : ( I, like many of you, have low blood pressure readings and take medication for it. I am just wondering ... does anyone else have this disease and if yes, could you please share some information on this disease with me? Thank you in advance for any information you can share...

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I am so sorry that you are going thru this!!! as for the "mis-diagnosis" this as a BIG boo-boo on the DR.s part. I can tell you that my disorders were all comfirmed by not 2 but 3 specialits and the scleraderma clinic here in Indy. go to the Mayo Clinic web site to read up on Buergers and good luck !!!


So sorry to hear about the amputations-my heart goes to you. It is my understanding that Buergers is caused from smoking and if you stop smoking (I know it's so hard to do) The amputations will stop. I saw a show on the disease not long ago and it's unfortunate they misdiagnosed you because if they would have told you you had Buergers early on and there was no smoking it's highly likely you would not have lost any limbs. Sending blessings your way. Toni


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