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Red and White Blotchy Hands?

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Hello, I’ve been having trouble with red blotchy hands when they hang to my sides. They feel slightly pressured and it gets worse with the heat. Does anybody know what this may be?

15 Replies
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It’s just poor circulation and heat, I get problems with my feet swelling very badly.

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DinoDab in reply to MissusTee

Thank you for the response, is there some way you normally alleviate this? Should I be concerned?

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MissusTee in reply to DinoDab

I have scleroderma so I tend to put up with it as medication doesn’t help. I keep forgetting to mention it to the rheumatologist as other things are more worrying but it’s always worth a mention to the dr.

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I have just been prescribed Losartan for this problem but haven’t started it yet. I always expect the least/worst from meds so have no unrealistic expectations. Will wait and see.

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DinoDab in reply to Jen3131

Ok, please let me know how it goes.

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Hi is your rash anything like itchy skin peeling small white blisters. I was going to put a picture up but don't know how x

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DinoDab in reply to paulasmith75

No it’s not an actual rash but more of under the skin, no blisters.

in reply to DinoDab

I have this too. Have new diagnosis of systemic Scleroderma so have decided it’s telengecstasia aa they are always there but flare sometimes with other stuff so noticing it more. Not red spots like in the pics online but more like pink cluster telengecstasias on palms palm side of fingers and finger pads. Same on face - more ruddy at a distance than bright red spots though even got them on eyelids now. If I press them they blanch so my rheumatolgist showed me.

I have something called Erythromelagia too. Yours sounds like this?

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DinoDab in reply to

Yes, it very much sounds like that but no picture I find on it really looks like mine.

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Vincentzeke in reply to DinoDab

Hi Dinodab, my palms turn red and blotchy when i walk or if ita hanging on the side. Did you find the cause of yours?

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I had this happen regularly earlier in the year for about 3 months. At its worst when out walking. It isn't so bad now but I have lost a stone and a half in fluid since starting steroids. When it was bad I would just keep my hands moving while on the go then bath them in cool (not cold) water when I got home.

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I have the same issue. Palms turn red and splotchy and the veins on the back of my hands get puffed up. Been keeping my hands upright for over a month because of it. 5 doctors so far and none know. Been recommended to a rheumatologist after blood tests showed positive ANA and scl-70 that was 31 when the cut off was 20 but the confirmation for test for systemic sclerosis was negative so I have no idea what I have currently and it is driving me mad. I'll post an update if I ever find out.

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Idkany in reply to redhands_hurt

Hello, have you found anything else out regarding this? I have similar problem and it is more constant now

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My hands got stiff and a bit puffy overnight. I was referred to an occupational therapist who prescribed various helpful exercises plus edema gloves. Has definitely helped. Getting a referral to an occupational therapist may help you too. You do need to be very careful with things like edema gloves - they could cut off the circulation to your hands, if it isn't very good in the first place. The NHS ones are firm but not compressing.

Incidentally, if you ever get fitted for edema socks, they listen to the pulse in your feet and look at the capillary refill and make sure that you have good enough circulation to wear them.

So not a good idea to pick some for yourself off the internet.

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I have fpund out bier spots? Could it be what we have?

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