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Gangrene tip of index finger and thumb, any help PLEASE

Hi, just recently diagnosed with Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis, have been referred to the Royal Free. Have had a very negative few months from Nov with gangrene in fingertip and now thumb as well. Had Iloprost five weeks ago and gangrene looked clear but has returned , Rheumatologist who diagnosed has asked for more but GO can't get reply from vascular team at local hospital , not that I even want to go there as I have been yelled at, misdiagnosed and treated as if it is all my fault, but GP says it's just till I get to Royal Free.,I have an appointment to see them on Mon but GP thinks I should go back to A and E as it's getting worse, truth is I'm so scared to go back to A and E, but is it important for me that I do, I feel so sad and confused, any help is do so great fully accepted, sorry for rambling x

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Hi have you had your first visit with the royal free yet ? If you have you can contact the specialist nurse. If you havnt had your first visit yet I would call them and explain your situation maybe they will squeeze you in and get you sorted. They are amazing at the royal free. Please let me know if you need the specialist nurse number. Good luck xx


Thank you for your reply, no I haven't had my first appointment yet. Any idea of who I would speak to? My positive nature has just been shattered by the last few months, you've given me hope, thank you x


Hi again would you like the specialist nurses number ?


Great news i do hope you get the treatment you deserve. Please keep me posted on your progress. If you ever need to chat or shout at someone dont hesitate to contact me i am always ready to listen. Chin up. And good luck. Xx

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Corpitol Emulsion available online, it speeds up the reproduction of healthy cells which overgrow the lesion. It saved my fingers and cured many bed sores. It is used on healthy skin surrounding the lesion, not on the lesion itself. It cured an elderly person with diabtes, her ulcerating legs healed within a few months some 3 years ago, and she is still ulcer free. Make sure it is emulsion not oil, oil is too weak. So far I have not met obe person who would not have benefited from Corpitol. All the best. 💓


Thank you so much x


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