Does anyone know what to expect??

Hi all, I have an appointment next week at my local hospital to see the vascular surgeon for more tests, I'm feeling a little bit apprehensive as I have no idea what sort of tests to expect to have whilst I am there? Has anyone else been to see a vascular surgeon? What tests did you have? I have Raynaud's in my left foot and was only diagnosed about 6 weeks ago so this is all still new to me as I hadn't even heard of Raynaud's until I got a numb icy white foot :(

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  • I have scleroderma but only have ever seen a rheumatologist as these are the guys that tend to deal with raynauds/autoimmune issues. You'll probably have a load of blood tests for benchmark tests etc. It depends on why they think you have raynauds, if you have other health probs i,m guessing the're ruling out the raynauds as a secondary issue which is more serious than a primary (secondary raynauds is more serious than primary ranauds)

  • HI

    have a look at the raynauds and scleroderma association's website on as there is some great info on there about raynauds.

    Im sorry I cant help about the tests you will have, however I would really love to hear how you get on - please keep us updated on here ! Good luck and at least you have a diagnosis that you know what you are working with :) x

  • Saw a Vascular Surgeon, but this was because I asked for my feet to be amputated. So didn't have actual tests. So my first appointment was just to meet and discuss.

  • The vascular surgeon will probably want to test the circulation in your legs by sound. I have forgotten what it's called for the moment, but it's external and quite painless. I have had it twice. That is perhaps followed by other tests but it will not be when they see you the first time and I am sure they will explain it to you and why. They found I had a blockage nothing to do with Raynaud's.

  • Hello, yes i have seen a vascular surgeon, he just checked the pulses in my feet and used a doppler sounder. He did find a pulse eventually, so the circulation in my legs is OK!!!!!

  • Hi I had doppler test done by tissues viability nurses (had a couple of ulcers before I got the 'wonderful' compression stockings - soooo sexy (not)) but much better than ulcers and I've got used to them. I also saw what I don't think was a vascular surgeon but someone who did something like ultrasound on my legs (like zenabb I van't remember what it's callled), I'd fallen and my left leg was quite badly swollen so they checked for a clot etc., but it was all clear. )

  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, I did have a Doppler test on my legs at the docs 2 weeks ago and was told my circulation is fine, will just wait till Tuesday and see what happens at the hospital hopefully it won't be anything too traumatic x

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