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Mouth ulcers and raynauds connection?


I've had raynuads for about 5 or 6 years now diagnosed and am 18, I've been getting mouth, throat and tongue ulcers for a few moths, amorally once a month and then there's an interval. I was wondering if raynuads could be the cause? They do go eventually, I've had my current tongue ulcer (on the tip of my tongue) for nearly 2 weeks and if there is a connection and anyone else has had problems could you help me with remedies or prevention techniques.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi DeGreeniflyMe........I have raynauds and scleroderma.....I have a very dry mouth and also suffer from a sore mouth and receding gums....I find frequent sips of water and difflam oral mouth wash helps....I avoid sugary drinks, especially during the night because I find that I develop oral thrush if I drink anything containing sugar during the night......I'm not too sure about the mouth ulcers, perhaps you could contact your raynauds and scleroderma nurse speciallist for of luck x


I have Raynaud's and thankfully, never had mouth ulcers with it. I did however, have a disease years ago that gave me mouth ulcers so badly that I had to drink through a straw for a year! I know without a doubt that rinsing your mouth out with Bicarbinate of Soda takes the pain away amazingly well! Later, I discovered that "Kenalog in Orabase" was wonderful! It was on prescription though, so you would need to talk to your Doctor about it. I don't know if you're a tea-drinker, but the Tannin in tea is also a pain killer. Just rinse your mouth out with it (but no milk) from time to time. It does help. Sometimes home remedies work better than meds and at least there are no side-effects. Hope that helps.


I do get a lot and always seem to have one on the go, I think mine are more due to the immunosuppressant drugs that I take though. The ones on my tongue are always big and really painful. You have my sympathy! I find the antisceptic mouth wash helps.


This is very interesting because I've had RAS (Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis - recurrent mouth ulcers) my whole life, so do many in my family. And I was only recently told I have Raynaud's by a dermatologist, though I think mine is fairly mild.

But I never made any kind of connection between the two until I saw this.

Whether one has anything to do with the other, I have no idea, but I an give all kinds of advice on treating mouth ulcers. There are the benzocaine pastes and gels which basically just numb the pain (but that's a great thing when you need it) to corticosteroid pastes that reduce the inflammation that makes them worse, to sulfuric acid-based compounds that cauterize the sore to let it heal naturally. They all have their pros and cons.

But if you're getting them all the time, I HIGHLY suggest taking over 2500 mcg of Vitamin B12 every day. Studies have shown that it can actually put it in remission for 75% of people over 3 months or more. I can vouch for it working myself. (Having said that, everyone's different - but it's worth a shot).

I actually run a website on the subject if you're interested. Lots of info on different products and treatments. Hope it helps.


Hi ! I used to always have mouth ulcers but since I started to give myself a daily hit of Vitamin C, freshly squeezed orange juice or a high concentrated vit c tab, they have cleared off ! I still keep a tube of Bonjela in the medicine cabinet though :)


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