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How different are finger, toe, nose & ear ulcers and pulp lesions?

I'm very glad for the recent ? And replies about finger ulcers. Aren't these ulcers basically something that start with boils in the flesh that then burst or crack and are what drs call pulp lesions?

I do get toe and finger ulcers but I get more nose and ear pulp lesions which end up cracked and inflamed.. My gp had me using naseptin on these for years but then I got resistant. She has me use bactroban now. And my rheumy says I can use bactroban on any finger or toe lesions too

After reading the recent ? About finger ulcers, I want to ask if there are many of us out there trying to manage these things in noses and ears too, and if yes do you think all these ulcer lesion things are basically pretty much similar. And as we treat them with antibiotic ointment, does this mean they are mostly due to bacterial infection where our compromised circulation makes healthy fleshy bits vulnerable, or what?

I have SLE as primary, with sicca symptoms possibly sjogrens, and raynauds with vasculitis etc

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I wonder if the boils you are talking about are ulcers we get from Raynau's or they have another origin and heal with difficulty because of the poor circulation. I get ulcers on my toes, fingers and ears. But years ago I had a lot of boils because I was run down. I am not sure if they had anything to do with Raynaud's.


I don't treat mine with anything just wait for them to sort themselves out. Although it might be because I eat Ribwort Plantain as often as possible to hold infections at bay. Thankfully the new crop of the year is appearing now ! Who knows what's connected to what disorder, does it really matter? so long as we can find ways of dealing with it all. The less pharmaceutical drugs the better I say!! :)


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