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Swelling in fingers

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I got diagnosed with Reynauds this year (after a decade of suffering).

I've looked but can't find information on this.

Does anyone else find their fingers swell up? And has anyone found a way to reduce the swelling? It's like having over filled sausages stuck on my hands.

Thank you

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Sauasage fingers is a classic early symptom of scleroderma (specifically systemic sclerosis). Especially when combined with severe Raynaud’s. Do you have any other symptoms? E.g. acid reflux or heartburn, any changes to your fingernails, cuticles or nailbed, any digestives or swallowing issues, painful joints? If so, I would ask for a referral to a specialist scleroderma centre to investigate.In terms of reducing the swelling, mine have been like it for over ten years and I have not found anything that helps, apart from trying to stay active. I find mine are worse first thing in the morning but gradually improve through the day. Also find a good moisturiser - I use dermol cream (not lotion). X

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PurpleHippo28 in reply to Sosie

I have painful joints, the doctor did a blood test for arthritis (or so she said) when she diagnosed Reynauds.Mine are the same, bad in the morning and manageable by lunch. I forgot to take my rings (that are normally loose) off so they're stuck for the winter.

I've never found a moisturiser that works so I will definitely try that one. Thanks

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Sosie in reply to PurpleHippo28

They need to do a specific set of blood tests so worth getting them done at a specialist centre rather than through the gp. They can also look at the capillaries in your nail beds with a special scope - scleroderma is the only disease that affects those.I gave up on rings long ago!

I too was going to suggest that you may have systemic sclerosis. I have the sausage fingers, although mine are not quite so bad now, as i take immunosuppressants to slow down progression. My early symptoms were the sausage fingers and also red spots appearing on my fingers as well as severe acid reflux and being very tired. My GP actually recognised the symptoms and referred me for a blood test and then on to see a rheumatologist

I get red spots that become blisters, is that the same sort of thing?I have a referral to a rheumatologist if they ever send me an appointment I will definitely be bringing it up

yes they look like blisters under the skin, but the skin itself never bursts, but they dont go away either

Hi, Im sorry to hear this. I have the same problem. My scleroderma got diagnosed in July and this all came from sausage fingers, plus other things. I hate it and my right hand fingers are starting to curl inwards too lately. If you find anything helps, please let me know too !!!! Good luck ! Xx

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LadyTrundle in reply to Pink07

You can also look on the SRUK website or SRUK You tube for finger-stretching exercises. A physio called Will demonstrated stretches for hands and face at the conference this year - might help slow the finger curl?

They can give you medication for the finger curling (sclerodactyly) -mycophenolate I think? please look into it and talk to a Rheumatologist as this can be permanent.

I definitely will ask about this . Thankyou

Sausage fingers were the first symptom I had before being diagnosed with systemic sclerosis with secondary raynauds. Would recommend you ask gp to refer you to Rheumatologist. My symptoms are now very well controlled and I rarely get sausage fingers. Good luck.

I've got a referral to a rheumatologist if they ever send an appointment. The fact that you don't have them as much brings me some hope

I too had sausage fingers for years with severe raynaud's - especially in winter when I took nifedipine to open the capillaries, and especially when doing exercise such as going for a long walk - the blood seems to puddle at the end of my arms! Diagnosed with scleroderma finally earlier this year - so I wonder how long I've had that without anyone spotting it way other than long-standing raynauds. Anyhow, I find that massaging and flexing my hands and fingers can help reduce it by pushing the blood back up my arms, if you see what I mean.

You can also look on the SRUK website or You tube for finger-stretching exercises. A physio called Will demonstrated stretches for hands and face at the conference this year - might help slow the finger curl?

Yes, both in my fingers/hands & in my toes/feet/ankles…all due to Raynaud’s secondary to systemic lupus/scleroderma overlap + sjogrens & small vessel vasculitis.

celebrex ask the doctor 100mg, prazosin 1mg for raynaud's or i use wild lettuce extract for pain ebay, mt rose herbs, 10 drops under the tongue and at night you can go 35 drops a day. good luck proud of you warrior. love julie

I have not been officially diagnosed with Scleroderma but would bet the farm I am in the same camp with the rest of you. I do have Raynaud's (at 68 years of age) and a 54 AU/mL Sci-70 (ENA) AB, IgG test result pushing the doctor to label the issue Scleroderma, but she is very conservative and is waiting for further evidence.

I also have the issue with my fingers. I have described them as being inflated with air. I also have painful issues with my feet (in addition to Raynaud's). They are incredibly painful if I am not wearing shoes with support. They are at their worst when I am barefoot. I am not sure if this relates to the Scleroderma. Does anyone else experience a pain like walking on rocks?

The best thing I have found to deal with the issues with my fingers, feet and Raynaud's has been a hot tub. At 104 degrees it eases the symptoms of all three issues. In addition I can actually get warm. Living in Minnesota with the Raynaud's. I am constantly cold in the fall, winter and spring. Hope this helps someone else.

I’ve had sausage fingers for 5 hrs straight since diagnosis of limited systemic sclerosis. I’ve tried not to pay attention to those as much but the last 8 months I’ve also had pain and stiffness in the fingers which has now been investigated and diagnosed at rheumatoid arthritis (I assume that’s what your doctor tested you for). I don’t think anything in particular has helped me with the sausage fingers- sometimes they’re worse, sometime better but always visible! I will be starting on Hydroxycloroquine soon so I hope that will help control this better

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