Hard clear growth in fingers

Hard clear  growth in fingers

Hi I have recently discovered hard small growths in my fingers to the tips that run horizontal and then some vertical. Because the small clear growths r growing some have begun to breach the surface of my skin. I've dug at then with knives and a razor and have discovered that there are so many I will not be able to have them surgically removed. I was able to remove enough if then once to get great relief from the fact my fingers were painful in impact cause the tips if the growths were near the surface of my skin. When I was digging them out I would have severe pain upon touch them cause they inflict such sharp pain to raw bare inner and even surface skin so u approached from sides and once removed even my open wounds didn't hurt. When I pulled the circular tops out they left holes in my skin. Anybody help I fear this is rare can't find much, very little.

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  • All I can say is that if you've got Raynauds that it's VERY dangerous to be digging things out with razors and knives.. You'll end up ulcerating your fingers, and that's awful, I know, I get them.

    Please just seek medical help.

  • What on earth do you think you are doing. Go and see your GP. Good wishes.

  • Hi it sounds like Calcinosis I've got it in one of my finger tips at the moment and I'm going to the clinic to have it treated please don't dig at it yourself however tempting you'll end up with it infected.

  • Hi

    I agree with the others. Do be careful. I have calcinosis which comes through my finger tips. I have one big area and have in the past filed it down but never dug around it. At the moment I have an infected ulcer which has formed around some calcinosis on my thumb and have to drain and dress it which will be several weeks of dressings but the calcium doesn't go. It's sore. Yours looks much worse and the way it tracks is strange. You need a medically supported strategy to deal with it. Hope you can establish one. Best of luck.

  • I get them all the time. My R.A. told me to leave them alone. I still take them off. I get them on my knees, feet and toes . I soak my hands or if it is on my lower extremities I will soak in a hot tub of water and add Epson salt to the water . When I get out , they are softer to remove. When I remove them, I get either a hard , white stuff or a really soft substance like wet chalk. My Dr said it was the Scleraderma attacking my bones and is pushing it out of my body that way . I do know that my Dr said she or no other Dr's will take them out. Because with our disease, most of the time cuts or openings will not heal . I lost part of my ring finger when the screen slammed on it . I didn't realize it until I looked down to step up into the house. It never bled , I never felt any pain from it . My R.A. said it was because of the Raynauds Disease. The Orthopedic Dr and my R.A. didn't think it would heal due to the Raynauds. It healed but I lost the top part of my ring finger to the beginning of the first knuckle. So I really watch what I do with my hands now . I'm not even supposed to wash dishes or use my hands and lot . I'm so very THANKFUL FOR MY AWESOME HUSBAND. He works 42 plus hours a day. When we get snow, he has to go to work. He is the Village of Cohocton ( New York ) Supervisor of the Street and Water Department. When he is done ,he comes home and does everything in the house. Cooking , Cleaning and yes ,even the laundry. He also does the upkeep out side . For 18 years now. I had 3 failed back fusions at the spinal cord that attaches to my pelvic bone . I literally am 100 % disabled. I am only 52 and this all started at work 18 yearsago. I am so very Sorry that I kept rattling on about myself. But please ask your doctor what he/she thinks it is. I do know that mine look just like yours.

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