Last night on getting for bed I checkd my leg to see it it was of ok, about 2am I woke up with pain in my ankle and it was bleeding bad, now my wife came in with some stong pain killer Oramorph Solution which helps me sleep, but what cuases so much damged at night, I have had this om going for 2/3 yrs lost one ley last year and now my right is turning the same way, treatment given by district nurse once aweek, but thats it, she can't explained whats happing to me.? Can You

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  • Is it an ulcer, if so you should be seen by a vascular specialist. Ask for a referral and don't take no for an answer. Ulcers occur when the circulation is compromised. If it was me i,d park myself in A&E until i was seen.

  • Do you have Raynaud's and scleroderma? Have you had a diagnosis? Are you diabetic? I think that you need to see your GP and ask to be referred to a specialist, rheumatologist or vascular or both. But you need to be better informed about your condition. You need to understand it. Insist on it. You have the right.

  • You are allowed to choose other then Frimley Park especially if they are not helpful. Persist but don't be angry with them. People react badly to anger.

  • moppett - PAWPAW LOTION - available at makeuwell.com unless you live in Australia where it is available. This lotion has almost healed the ulcers which I have had for years, after a few weeks of application ! The testimonials onthe website McArthurNaturalProducts who make the stuff, are amazing and I have seen before and after photos of people with a similar situation to yourself, whereby they have cancelled their amputation operation appointment after trying the Pawpaw lotion. My heart goes out to you, as being in constant pain with interrupted sleep is no way to get better ! I hope you look into it and that you feel better soon :)

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