Sharp pain in soles of feet like electric shock

Hi, i was daiagnosed with Raynauds (primary i think) when i was 20, (15 years ago), i have problems with my hips for last 6 year and now have to have one of my fallopian tubes removed. I have recently been having sharp pain, more like a electric shock up the soles of my feet, but for the last couple of days in my ankles and then last night in my knee, just wondering if anyone else has this ?

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  • Yes I live with this 24/7 - to me I describe it as walking on shards of glass or having to walk on toothpicks. Both feet are affected. I live on Nifedipine, codeine, paracetamol. See the Pain Clinic, Trauma and Orthopaedic. Have had insoles made for my shoes, which only helps a little. My feet are hypersensitive, even to a seam in a sock/shoe etc... Last year I asked for my feet to be amputated or the nerves cut as the pain is excruciating.

  • Hi Cardiff lady, i don't have it all day usually @ in the evening/ night. I'm already on Nifedipine and codeine @ bedtime as it really makes me woozy. Will have to really go on at my GP about this as I was referred to Pain clinic re hips, just as i was about to give birth (23 months ago), but pain seemed to go and they discharged me. Thanks for info xx

  • Hi, I have this same excruciating feeling in my left foot heel mostly but it radiates. I honestly have had an electric saddle prod used on me and my brother teasingly had me touch an electric top wire on our horses fence. I too have asked seriously to have my foot cut off. Did you ever get the walking on toothpicks/electricity to stop? I can't handle the pain anymore, it's been 24/7 for five years and I'm not old. I asked for the nerves to be severed or burned. I would gladly have numb feet that a poor quality of life that I have.

  • Electric Cattle prod, is what I meant not saddle.

  • For both of you, I suggest you get urgently referred to a vascular surgeon. I had that in my left leg and it was found that my popleteal artery was blocked. They unblocked it and put a stent to keep it open. It worked. Best wishes to both of you.

  • Thanks Zenabb WOW didn't think it would be that !!!, will have to go see my GP, thanks xx

  • Hi Zenabb - I saw a Vascular Surgeon August 2011. Asked the consultant about cutting my nerves out. Will try again. Thanks for that :)

  • I have secondary raynauds, i was also seen by vascular. Which they did circulation and of course i have construction in the vessels. I also get arterial ulcers on my hands and feet. , they didn't do anything to help me. But my primary started me on neurontin for the shocking pain in my feet took about six weeks to really help and it they also put me on , pletal, and plavix months later for the leg pain which was intermittent claudication. Wish you the best!

  • Hi Becks , i was referred to a neurologist and he diagnosed small fiber neuropathy. he asked my GP to prescribe ligotine patches to wear for 12 hrs every night . I must say they really work , i couldn't sleep with the heat and pain , hope this is of some help Lyn

  • may be sign of blockages in veins or arteries. See a vascular specialist to,rule out underlying conditions Mine turned out to be a blood disease.

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