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Totally numb hands with pins and needles.

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Anyone else get this >>> my hands feel like when you get a dead leg with that weird numbness and pins and needles. It's not painful but very disconcerting.

If anyone has similar would you mind sharing please as this is a new symptom for me 😟

P.S. I have SSc and secondary Raynauds (it used to be primary ~ but SSc took that particular crown.

12 Replies
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I have scleroderma and raynauds and to be honest, that just sounds like a standard raynauds episode to me. I find a quick blast with a hairdryer and opening/closing a fist on the affected hand helps it wear off faster :)

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I have diffuse Scleroderma and Raynauds but like you I experience the same dead legs and pins and needles. I can no longer sit at my dining table for long periods or my legs just go dead numb and I have to walk around to get my circulation going again. Also during sleep I get the same dead feeling and pins and needles in my arms. I think it’s down to how bad our circulation has become and could be becoming. It would be nice to know why but I suppose sometimes there aren’t answers for everything.

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gindy in reply to Cole57

Yes, that's definitely what I think too. It's not the usual Raynauds attack though. Mine are usually very painful, this isn't really painful but more odd 🤷‍♀️

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Cole57 in reply to gindy

Exactly I have severe Raynauds and this can happen at anytime of the year it’s not seasonal. You can be sitting, lying down and the numbness and pin and needles just happens. It’s very uncomfortable not painful

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gindy in reply to Cole57

It's a strange phenomenon whereby it makes us feel better if to we're not suffering alone.

Thanks for the replies Cole, it's made me less concerned.

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Cole57 in reply to gindy

Very much so cos you know it’s not you going mad and you know that on here other people totally understand what your going through.

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About 12 days ago my three fingers went numb after I been awake from sleeping. I did not know what to do. I tried many hand exercises to get the circulation back also I tried to bend my fingers back to see if that worked but it didn't. I did make a post about this 12 days ago.

I had no luck but finally I went to physiotherapist and I had a ultra sound on it. After five days it managed to wear off.

I'm trying to get diagnosed with Scleroderma but having no luck and I am going to live with it on my own. I have Secondary Raynaud's too but I can no longer sit in a chair without my right hand going numb. But this time I got the numbness feeling away after I did the hand exercise whilst I was holding something.

It was very weird that it just happend. I know not much of a help to you but you are definitely not alone in this experience and I hope I have helped.

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gindy in reply to Bexsam

Thanks Bex. I really hope you get a diagnosis soon xx

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Hi I get numbness in my hands got a nerve conductor test coming up, tend to injure my hands without realising it

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Sanmateogirl107 in reply to bookworm

gabapentin should help you, amlodipine, slindelafil ask your doctor my hands are totally numb i have grippers through pt i use for toothbrush, hair brush grip sticks etc. good luskc ask for referals for pt. julieanna

hi yes I have the same problem for two years specialist cannot diagnosis but now I have the same happening to my feet and legs on occasions they all feel completely dead

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Yes I get this more so at night time it takes forever for it to wear off such s weird uncomfortable feeling. I’ve mentioned it several times to rheumy and not advised anything

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