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Hospital docs reading notes after I've left!!!

Went for routine rheumatology appointment a few weeks ago. The doc dropped something on the floor as I walked in. She went down on hands and knees to pick it up but was down there for a few minuets to the point I asked if I should help, no she replied. I'm not used to doctors waving their bums at me so I was amused. When she finally got up, we got on with the reason I was there. We discussed medications and I said nothing but the prostacyclin (ibuprost) infusions work for me, all other meds give me bad side effects. We agreed not to take more meds and to have infusions as and when needed. That was it and I left. A few days ago I got a text from Tesco pharmacy or a NHS text telling me a prescription is ready for me to collect. I called my GP and asked what had been generated as no medications are due, the GP said the hospital have said to start me on 75mg of aspirin, but no one told me. I got a letter from the rheumatology the day after the text reading from the hospital doctor that she read AFTER I had left that I was ANA positive and all the other stuff wrong with me and to start me off on aspirins. If she'd read my files, I've already been on aspirin and not worked. I makes me giggle because she was that flustered about dropping a pen or whatever it was that she forgot to read my notes. Thought id share as this has made me smile. Hope all is well as can be expected from all and looking forward to the meeting in August.

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It’s heartbreaking doctors are working under timeframes that don’t allow them to know their patients better and read ahead of medical advice the information on their patients isn’t it?


Absolutely, I think the world is just to fast paced. Sometimes we need to slow down a little and look ahead.


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