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Antihistamine yes or no?

Hands up all those who have started to take antihistamine for their hay fever? Ok l will rephrase it.

How many of you who have Raynauds and Migraines are still unaware that antihistamine full or in part is a vascular constrictor?

And if your asking why, surely by now you know that Raynauds and migraines are caused by vascular constriction (check out the website, they may want to say its a result of…… but they agree they are caused by vascular constriction). So anything that helps the vascular constriction makes Raynauds and migraines worse! personal choice itchy nose or itchy hands? I choose itchy nose and throat, which do you choose?

Search for your selves, just type in, is antihistamine a vasoconstrictor

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Hi but I take antihistamines, else I will get nosebleeds, as I have problems with sinuses all year round. I do avoid decongestants like the plague as they cause nosebleeds which I want to avoid.


the old saying of you pays your money you pick the choice. but how many on here know that taking antihistamine counteracts the medication they take for raynauds? so you have to take more of one to get a result? you obviously know this bookworm and have chosen to suit yourself. this is my pet subject l wish l couldget everyone to realise this brain washing by multinationals


I have to take antihistamines because I have terrible itch skin which no cream helps. And also my autoimmunity is shot so if I get bitten by anything even nats. I end up in hospital. So I have to pay the price with my scleroderma and Raynauds.

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I have to use them for skin itching/allergy. I am well aware now that antihistamines are to be treated with caution - the condition gives me a dry mouth so now I have to be wary of common side effect of antihistamines and other meds which is ‘dry mouth’. When I didn’t know this, I experienced such a dry mouth that I could barely talk!


this explains the dry mouth I've been having...



Great timing with your post. I am in a flare of Raynauds (for the first time in summer months, usually winter). For the past 2 weeks I have been taking anti histamines for really itchy skin.

I will come of the anti histamine to see if Raynauds resolves.

Thanks you so much for posting.



Yes, definitely taking antihistamines as otherwise my eyes and nose would absolutely drive me nuts!

I do watch the amount though, and only recently started taking them as i managed to cope with the first few weeks of ne spring on my own:)


I think if your aware that it can make your raynauds worse then ok but remember if you take a nitrate then it counter act any benefit. also if you are taking a nitrate you willhave to take more antihistomine.


So far Raynauds is certainly not worse... but I put that to the good weather, not anything else really...

So glad that winter is over!


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