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Hey guys!! Has anyone tried taking cannabis oil forbtheyre symptoms.. i am a big weirdo when it comes to man made medicines, i think theu cause too much trouble then good!! I use CBD for my migranes and it really does work, ive been reading up on it and it says it helps with immune response too .. I've not taken my oil for a good couple if months and have a blood test booked in next weds to see if my scloroderma is coming back to bite me, so I'm not going to take any until after the bloods, but I want to know if anyone has tried it? Let me know if you have I want to k ow how well people are doing on it or if it's just another bum thing xx

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Hi. Funnily enough I too have been reading about this oil. I see that it can help with pain but as for the fibrosis. That I'm unsure about. I see they have had some success on mice but there doesn't seem to be any human trials yet and that's why I'm so uncertain as to weather to try it. My bestie has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and she's going to try it. Has anybody body else tried it for fibrosis? X

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