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Not good with stress now

Well folks 2 weeks ago I had a little trip to A&E with chest pain. After ECG, Chest Xray, swabs from nose and mouth and 2 lots of bloods 4 hours apart nothing more sinister than costochondritis was diagnosed (thank goodness!) I get a lot of pain in rib cage to start with. I keep feeling like I've improved when I wake so I do some jobs round the house but suffer later in the day. Well this morning I got up and found our heating boiler had broken down (panic!) No heating or hot water all day. Landlords plumber on his holidays so had to wait for landlord to come and have a look and when he got here he had to find another plumber to ring. Rang plumber who said he'd come this afternoon. Afternoon came, still no plumber. then came a call from landlord to say plumber can't get here till tomorrow morning!! By this time my rib cage was burning and I had palpitations. And to top it all off the release of my pre ordered George Gently dvd (final series) has been put back to 30th Oct! :( All I can say is tomorrow is another day :) love to all x

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Sounds like a bad day, but as you say tomorrow is another day!

I had a heating problem over a week ago, my heating was overheating and couldn't turn it off. Faulty activator found and then plumber told me it could have caused a fire, couldn't believe it.

George Gently great series, enjoy DVD when it comes, Martin Shaw and team are so good, enjoy🔍

Hope you feel better soon.

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