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Update on how our meeting went.

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Hi folks. Well what can I say, we had our 1st ever meeting in Birmingham and it was a great success, no awkward silences, no stresses at all. We all had a very nice afternoon and the tea/coffee was flowing as well as the conversations. I would personally like to thank the folks that came, as per the photo, from right to left Mylreaclairelee,Winfeild1, Jen3131, my partner S and me, thank you for coming and making it so easy to talk to. The vote was to do it again so will be planning another one 2/3 months from now so watch this space. x

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It was certainly a great idea to get like minded people together Avtar. Thanks for making it happen. A thoroughly worthwhile time together sharing and caring.

Looks good - hope there could be a London meet at some point

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avtargill31 in reply to FlexSW19

Hi FlexSW19, I think it would have to be someone nearer your end to organise it. I do come to London every so often but wouldn't feel confident in setting up a meeting as I don't know venues etc. Hope someone can set it up for you to attend as our meeting was great. You're always more than welcome to come along to our next one if you wanted to take a trip down here, understandable if it's to far though.

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fairy56 in reply to avtargill31

Hello avtar, so pleased it went so well, you obviously had a great time, so good to see all those smiles.

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avtargill31 in reply to fairy56

It was great to meet up like that. You can come to the next one if you're not too far away.

Hi all

There are more groups - see the SRUK website for the contacts. We enjoy our South London meet-ups.

Tea, cakes and a laugh are very therapeutic!

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Wow I didn't know this and I am in South London. Is Raynaud's much of a topic at these meets or is it more about Scleroderma ?

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In the South London Group we do all have scleroderma, though each very differently. But as we mostly have Raynaud's too, in the winter topics of socks, gloves and handwarmers do come up

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It might be worthwhile making a annual meeting of all the groups in a more central location. It's just a thought and not immediately. But do agree and it being therapeutic.

I had a lovely time meeting you all - thank you for organising Avtargill31

Looking forward to the next one xx

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