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Feels like a lump

Hi everyone. I have raynauds it's mainly in my toes, been diagnosed with it for about 3 months, my issue I'm having is there feels like a lump in my foot when I'm walking which makes it feel like my toes are about to cramp. The lump hurts so much but there is no lump there can anyone help. Please. I am on my feet a lot at work and have to hobble about and it's cold where I work to. Thank you x

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Could you find a podiatrist or ask your GP about this perhaps? The only invisible lump near toes that I suffer from intermittently is a Morton's Neuroma. You could look this up and see if it tarries perhaps?



Hi. It definitely does sound like that. Thank you for your help I will book in with the doctors and see what they can do to help me x


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