Good news i think

Had a chance to see professor Chris Denton with my rheumatologist and 14 other medical professionals, he thinks my scleroderma was triggered by my cancer and not by the chemotherapy,he does think that the chemo might have accelerated it.the good news is there's a chance that this is the type of scleroderma that will burn itself out after a few years,I do need to start some different medication not sure what rheumatologist is sending me out an appointment to start the ball rolling

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  • I know somebody who had breast cancer in both breasts and scleroderma at the same time some 20 years ago. Both have vanished from her life. I wish you the same !! Kindest regards

  • That sounds really hopeful - fingers tightly crossed for you (in spirit anyway!) that you are soon rid of both diseases. X

  • That sounds very positive! Wishing you all the best for the future :)

  • Hi mad4cavs

    I'm so happy that your meeting with him went well. I kept thinking of you because I knew your meeting with him was soon. I bet you feel better just knowing that your reasoning behind why your scleroderma started did have some correctness to it. I know I would if I was in your shoes. At least now you will finally get put on hopefully the correct meds that will stabilise things until it does naturally burn itself out. Goodluck and keep feeling positive even on the bad days. X

  • Happy to hear that you saw professor Denton and that he's been able to give you some positive news. Will keep you in my prayers x

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