Good news :)

It occurred to me that we don't often get good news on here so I thought I'd share:

I had my annual check up with my rheumatologist yesterday and he said I am the healthiest I've been since he diagnosed SSc and after the results that my throat is totally unaffected puts me at the very mildest end of the spectrum :) he seemed so pleased, it was so lovely to hear and see. I just thought I'd share some nicer news!

Stay safe in the storms x

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  • Great news, lovely to hear positive news.

    I was diagnosed with Myositis with a scleroderma overlap(systemic sclerosis) and dysphagia 18 months ago and was in a wheelchair from the onset. I managed to get control of my legs 6 months ago and ditched the wheelchair, my rheumatologist couldn't believe that I walked into his consulting room a few months ago.

    He said it was lovely to see such great progress from a rare, incurable disease.

    As you say, keep safe in the storms.


  • Amazing work Margaret!

  • good news, sooo happy for you! xx

  • Great to hear this! You are right! We definitely need to hear more good news! Here's to good health!

  • Wonderful to hear your good news - soo pleased for you. Spring is nearly here as well xxxx

  • Excellent news Bear . Well done.

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