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Glove tip for cyclists (and everyday)

Riding my bike has been a big issue in the colder months. I have a road bike so get up to a decent speed (I have done over 60kph on a steep descent). So for the hands it's like being in a gale on a cold day, only you can't put them in your pockets. Worse still they are totally exposed and your fingers are spread out half the time (hovering over the brakes and gears). And you can't really go that thick glove wise as you need to use your fingers.

I learned that most of the heat in your gloves is lost via the wrists and I also remembered that in some of my most desperate times (not cycling) when 3 pairs of gloves wasn't enough, pulling my sleeves over my hands always seemed to work.

So now I wear Gauntlets! Some of you may have been on to this idea for years but it's been a great relief for me. They are gloves that go half way up your forearm and the brand I bought were Seakskinz. Not actually made of Seals, just the brand name. They are tight, windproof and fairly thin and flexible.

50 pairs of cycling gloves later, I found my solution.

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I use sealskinz gloves for photography they have proved excellent and I can still operate the touch screen and when its really cold I can put a pair of silver gloves underneath


Really helpful post - I will order some as I struggle as use my fingers for work as an artist but even a gentle breeze will trigger RP now. It's worse if my core gets chilled but hadn't really thought about my wrists although I used to wear splints for RA and they seemed to keel my wrists warm and make Raynauds attacks less frequent.

Maybe same with ankles and toes applies as have found longer boots and socks have helped a bit this winter.


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