Scarey stuff!

Hi all, firstly i wish u all a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. I have suffered from GERD now for about 2yrs, have been taking lansoprazol for this and it has helped somewhat. Recently i have been getting the sensation of food getting stuck in my oesphagus and my ent specialist is sending me for an oesphageal dilation op in Jan 2017. Just wondering if anyone else has had this done and is it successful!! Many thanks for all the support on here, good to talk to folks in similar situation!

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  • I constantly get that feeling of food sticking, it can be scary if you don't know what to do. As soon as it happens, I stop eating and sip water until the feeling passes.

    I've not ever been offered the op, but I'm sure you'll be fine. Crossing my fingers (well no, I've not been able to do that for many years now lol) for you that it works!

  • Thank you gindy! Merry Christmas to u! I have tried plenty of water with my meals, lots of gravy and gloopy things, feeling like food stuck all the time so hoping this procedure will do the trick!! Will let you all know how i get on. xx

  • I get the sticking..i take a drink of pop got this advice from the dr's show ...

  • Thanks florr, i keep away from fizzy pop, it makes me worse, makes me burp a lot n then i take hiccups as well. I have a hiatus hernia as well. Best wishes to u. xx

  • I also have hiatus hernia..but i only drink abit of pop to unblock me..sometimes blocking in the tube can throw yah into atrial fib..had me..if this ever happens bear down as if having a bowel movement..even if you can't..many nerves run threw u probably no..scary.

  • Ahh thanks for advice florr, i will certainly keep this in mind. No better people to talk to than the ones that suffer the same symptoms and how they deal with them! Take care, Merry Christmas to you. xx

  • I was referred to the ENT with the same thing. They checked on my swallowing. I have to eat things with a lot of gravy with frequent drinks of water. also if I feel that I am choking I have to sniff (breath in through my nose and hold it to the count of three and breath out through my mouth slowly.

  • Have tried all of the above with no relief!! Here's hoping this procedure on 5th Jan 2017 works out. Merry Christmas to u n take care. Thanks 4 ur reply. x

  • Sharonmcallister Merry Christmas to you too. At least the op is after the holidays so it'll not interfere with any planned celebrations. Good luck 😀

  • I have this sensation too. Sometimes it induces panic in me and I don't know what to do at all. But then I just drink loads and loads slowly and it does ease. I hope mine never gets as severe as yours and I wish you much luck with this procedure - I really hope it brings you relief. Twitchy 🎄

  • Ahh thank u, yes the feeling you get can send one in2 a bit of a panic all rite, i have vohmited a few times, once after a meal at a wedding, got v breathless as well and ended up in a recliner chair all nite when i got bk home. Not nice and i will let u know how my procedure goes on 5th Jan. Take care and wishing u a Merry Christmas. Best wishes. xx

  • Have you had an esophageal manometry and/or barium swallow study done? Those are generally done first - before deciding on a dilation, in order to assess the specifics of the problem. The esophageal dilation is not an operation, it's a pretty easy procedure often done as part of an endoscopy under light IV sedation. You'll do great, most people don't experience discomfort or after-effects. The worst part will likely be having the IV started, and then you'll sleep during the procedure. It's also quite quick - you probably won't be out more than 20-25 minutes, if that. 😴👍

  • Ahh thank u for reply, dianejks, yes i have had a barium meal swallow test done, they found a mucosal flap and some narrowing of my oesphagus, that is why they doing the dilation. It going to b done under a general anesthetic and i should b bk home later same day. IT'S more the fear the unknown, where in concerned. Was out for annual Christmas meal last nite frim my work and i opted for fruit salad for starter then i had soup and a bread roll for my main meal, while every1 else tucked in2 turkey and ham or roast beef dinner, which looked delicious!! I didnt bother with a dessert n i managed ok! Just trial and error and i try not to eat after 6pm. Just need great willpower at this time of year! lol. Not worth all the uncomfortableness afterwards. Wishing u a Merry Christmas. xx

  • One more thought as I notice you mentioned this was ordered by your ENT specialist. GERD and esophageal involvement from scleroderma are typically treated by a GI specialist, preferably one with considerable experience with scleroderma. Do you have a scleroderma specialist managing your care?

  • No scleroderma specialist in this part of the country im afraid. My rheumatologist takes to do with all my appointments, she quite good n i c her every 6mnths. Lots of ongoing tests n scans to keep an eye on progression of the illness.

  • Dear Sharonmcalister, I haven't had this done but due to very similar symptoms I am seeing the gastroenterologist at the Royal Free after Christmas. My doctor felt because of my Scleroderma it was best to be seen there rather than at my local hospital. Wishing you all the best with the procedure and let us know how you get on. A very happy Christmas and a painfree New Year. Lots of love and healing thoughts xx

  • Ahh thank u Monika, will let u know how it goes. Merry Christmas to u as well and hoping u have a pain free 2017..xx

  • I have had esophageal dilitations several times. It really does work great so you can swallow better. It lasts a couple years and then you need to go back and get it done again.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I take lanzoprazole twice a day, ranitidine in the evening and peptac for occasional acidy blips. I have had several oesophagul dilatations and although they are not exactly pleasant, they have always been successful. It's well worth going through the procedure (it is over before you know it) especially after having had food sticking on the way down. I've also cut way back on onions and spices - and can't manage apples anymore!! Take care to chew everything well -- and wishing you Good Luck!

    Happy Christmas and I hope you have a New Year!

  • Ahh thank u Rosella24, i take the same medication as u. Am relieved to hear the dilation procedure works and has truely set my mind at rest. Thank u. Merry Christmas to u as well and a very happy new year. xx

  • Hi Rosella24, sorry i havent been in touch lately, my op at this time was cancelled due to overload in hosp but is rescheduled for 2morr 22/3/17. Have had a really bad infect in mouth n gums, i put it down to methotrexate. Going to c my rheumy 23/3/17 so will c if he can suggest an alternative. Take care, God Bless.

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