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Digital ulcer update

Not been here for a while as no real progress. Ulcer developed on right index finger a year ago, since then have had Illoprost 3 times, been on Sildenafil 50mg 3 times a day, had fingernail removed (infected twice after procedure) all to no effect. The pain continues day and night and I am getting very fed up with it all. Have been seeing Rheumatologist every8 weeks and am to see a more senior consultant next week. The suggestion now is that I commence Bosartan. Has anyone else had this drug? does it work and are there any side effects. Vascular surgeon is reluctant to remove finger tip. Apart from all this I have 3 gastroscopies since Christmas to treat G.A.V.E , G.E.R.D is much worse too. I am seeing Cardiologist in 2 weeks as I have now developed some heart problems. Is there any end to all these problems associated with scleroderma and Raynauds?

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try CORPITOL EMULSION 40E per 100ml in Spain , this is a miracle! it cured bed sores of at least four 90 year olds and my own ulcers within a few weeks. This emulsion stimulates growth of healthy tissue, so the ulcer must be clean (I used Granuflex). The emulsion is rubbed into the healthy skin around the ulcer, it grows over it and closes it comppletely within 3-4 weeks ( in my case, it was ca 7 cm diameter). Please make sure you have the EMULSION and not the OIL which doesn't work for ulcers. Let me know how it worked.. my paralysed aunt of 85 had black necrosis all over her feet and ankles, it took some 2 months and her feet were perfectly healthy. Good luck!


I have been unable to find Corpitol emulsion here in UK, thanks anyway.


You can order it online I guess, it is made in France. I buy it in Spain in any pharmacy but have to order it. I hope you will find a way.



there you go.. I am sure it will help..



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Several years ago my friend's son committed suicide. I got such maddeningly painful constriction in my fingertips I was ready to jump out of the window. They turned black, the pain was unbearable in both warm and cold water.. the following day the pain subsided but 3 fingertips opened up and turned into necrotic ulcers. Corpitol closed them down within 2-3 weeks. I promise you it is worth any money. Get well...


I have just spoken to somebody whose mother has diabetes and had large non-healing ulcers last year. Just one 100ml tube of CORPITOL cured her and she is still ulcer-free. I hope this will help you!


Hi Sootie1

You advised me about corpitol. Thank you so much. I have been ordering it via Amazon. FYI.

I was ulcer free for 7 months after using this product but have a few now. I think I should have been using the corpitol every day ongoing. I got complacent.

Have two bottles that won’t dispense product!! Arghhhh.

But thanks for letting me know about this amazing product.



I used it only when I needed it, not preventively. I hope it will help you again.

Merry ulcer-free Christmas



Thank you. Same to you. Kim


Discontent@122510gmail.com : I am sorry to read that your recovery from prior removal of your nail did not improve, and now you are dealing with something else. The pain is unbearable, I can vouch for that. My finger (left digit) had a fungus, eating up the finger, now (?) about if infection is to the bone, pain every single day, and I to am so fed up with it, it drives me mentally unstable. Numbing cream, antibiotic 450 three times a day, side effects, severe weight loss,, sleepless nights, oh yes I can relate to you. G.E.R.D. has been steady with me as well. I take Mylanta 2 times a day, with a protonic, milk, to ease that pain. Changed food habits, no eating after 8:00 p.m. I would like you to know that you will get better, as healing with this illness, takes a lot longer as nerves and flesh are involved. Hang in there, and know you are loved by all of who know what each is going through. Take care Discontent


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