Back from my hols

Hi everybody, back from my hols last night. Weather was scorching! so spent most of the time under parasol, because of mycophenolate. Now it is back to reality and a round of hospital appts, one this week. been reading posts, noticed comments about night sweats etc, yes I have them through the night and during the day, not hormonal, I am going to ask the consultant if it is a symptom or medication. I also get tingling in legs, sometimes I want to scratch them but I know this will only make it worse!! There are so many symptoms with systemic sclerosis and raynauds, that I lose count, and I really try to lead as normal a life as possible, sometimes pushing myself to far, but I think stubourness runs in the family! Its just getting the balance right. I have to admit I get fed up with taking so much medication and it doesn't help I am on anti depressants because of the repercussions of divorce! Anyway this is a great place for support and giving support.

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  • So glad you had a lovely holiday and good luck with all your appointments . Having been to the SRUK conference on Saturday I realised how vast and varied all our symptoms are. Here's praying that one day they find a cure for this disease. Sending lots of love X

  • You seem to have done all right on your holiday. I am glad. Apart from the come down afterwards to our condition, it seems to me that you can at least help to come out of your depression with some good counselling. Ask your GP. Best wishes.

  • Hello fairy56 Hope you had a lovely break. With this condition the challenge is staying positive. And you said this about a good forum for offering guidance and support. Have a lovely day.

  • Hi Fairy

    Glad you had a good holiday, now for hospital appointments!!! I can relate to that Iv already had one this week, got two more next week, and three in one day at Bath the week after!! But can't complain really being looked after. Iv also got a Iloprost infusion booked for the first week in October!! One thing we will never get bored, always something on even if it is medical!!! Onwards and upwards must be our motto. Take care Jxx

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