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Anyone get sore fingers with primary raynauds?


Hi there, I have primary raynauds and have had it since my teens (35 years). It’s got slightly worse in the last few years. I saw a rheumatologist a couple of months ago because a blood test revealed mild positive ANAs and I’m also having other symptoms like spontaneous bruising. Anyway the rheumatologist said the bruising is achenbachs syndrome and I definitely have primary raynauds as all my other blood tests were fine.

Anyway, this weekend I’ve developed another symptom, which I’ve never had before. My finger and thumb tips have all become very sore and dry. Using them and pressure is painful, particularly my thumbs. The most uncomfortable bit is at the edge of the nails. My hands did get cold on Sunday as I was out working most of the day but nothing I haven’t experienced before.

Does anyone else experience this with primary raynauds?

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Yes, I get very sore fingers and they feel a bit numb sometimes on the tips, my hands and feet are painful too and swell up and look shiny. It's a case of watching developments with this condition, who knows what's next. My bloods were only slight positive so just waiting if anything else happens! Take care x

Julesboz in reply to marie5454

Oh that sounds similar to me! Thanks, let’s hope nothing further develops for both of us!

Yes mine get incredibly sore and dry. They get little cuts and cracked and then on the tips of my finger and thumb it’s like a mini scab which look absolutely nothing at all but my goodness they are so painful especially when I put pressure on my fingers ie typing or writing etc. No idea if there is connection to my raynauds or why but all I do know is when my raynauds is bad so is the sore skin thing. It’s a relitevly new development for me too only been doing it for a couple of years and predominately in the winter months.

Julesboz in reply to Rp321

Thanks for replying, it seems I’m not alone!

pigeonCl-HU in reply to Rp321

Rp321, as Julesboz says "it seems I am not alone". You have described exactly what's happening to me. I hope it is just the primary Raynaud's not anything more sinister. It gets better when the weather gets warmer.

I also found, last winter, that ditching my LATEX gloves and replacing them with latex-free ones, did make a BIG difference. This winter had no cuts/cracks at fingertips, only the annoying hard skin and painful swollen fingertips.

But it is getting better now.

All the best,


Hi, Ive also had Raynaud's for years. Ive just recently had the strange bruising out of nowhere. I looked it up and found Achenbach's was exactly what it looked like. My fingers have been getting so much worse in the last few months with stiffness and pain too. I've also experienced the extreme sensitivity in my finger tips and even feel sharp burning pain under my tips/nails like a needle or sharp is being pushed under there. I don't see my Rheumatologist until January for follow up. I have mri's booked this month for each hand thankfully.

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