Does anyone also have skin tingling/burning with their Raynauds symptoms?

I am trying to figure out if this is a medicine side effect or what. It is hard to describe ... some might could say it was pain. Just very noticeable to me and comes and goes...Not on hands and fingers or toes when they blanch ... it is the skin on my arms sometimes torso...kinda want to scratch it but doesn't itch.(head itches too and now realizing it may be this tingling which by the way seems to be more noticeable when first going into sun yet subsides) have had it off and on for a while...

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  • Yes, but I haven't noticed as much detail as you have. I use a lot of cream on my arms, legs and face and I wash my hair often.

  • Hi, yup I get lots of tingling anywhere and everywhere. As far as I know it is neuropathic and there is also the pain of blood trying to rush in to warm up cold digits :) Seems to come and go whenever it wants to. Cream helps with the dry skin and prickly itching but it is medication that has helped with the tingling. Helen

  • Hi I get this I was put on duloxtine for this and it helped a lot it got to the point that I had the tingling in all of my arms and my legs and some days my head hope that helps .

  • Yes, I get lots of tingling in hands/feet, especially at night time.

  • It sounds very similar to what I experience from time to time, no pattern that I can figure out. The areas affected are my upper left thigh, my torso on the left side - most especially my left flank area. For me, it feels tingly/itchy, as though something has touched that area ever so slightly, and I can say when I touch it, it feels almost like a sunburn, slightly painful to touch. Initially, I thought I was getting shingles again, but blisters never develop. Anybody talk to their doctor - what did they have to say?

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