Digital ulcer update

Had fingernail removed 3 weeks ago after 8 months with digital ulcer under nail which would not heal. Procedure done under general anaesthetic, pain afterwards very severe, then a week ago it became infected so on anti biotics. It seems to be improving at last. Not sure what long term effect will be, due to see Vascular surgeon on March 15 so will see what he thinks. Have also had gastroscopy with Argon gas diathermy to treat G.A.V.E., due to have this repeated next week. Some good news, the Losartan and Sildenafil seem to be working, I am having less Raynauds attacks even in this cold weather. Keep warm everyone, spring nearly here.

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  • Keep your chin up & your your extremities warm xx

  • Good luck. I've had an ulcer since September. It looks better now but not quite. Sildenafil is good.

  • Hi I was wondering if Raynaud's and G.A.V.E are connected? I too had treatment for G.A.V.E but was then tested for liver function as a result and tested positive for an autoimmune antibody but all further liver tests were inconclusive. I have had Raynaud's since my 20's but it has been worse over the last 2 years. Any information would be appreciated 😊.

  • Not sure whether my reply went (internet is rubbish here) so will do it again. I don't know whether G.A.V.E is connected to Raynauds.I have scleroderma and secondary Raynauds with gastric and intestinal problems, I was diagnosed with G.A.V.E after my gastroenterologist sent me for a capsule endoscopy. Have you been investigated for scleroderma?

  • No but I often wonder what else might be going on in the background! I think the majority of time has been spent investigating my liver as a result of the G.A.V.E but as all the tests were inconclusive (I had a liver biopsy and an MRI scan) so now I've been left with a 12 month follow up to check liver function. I think I'll mention to my gp about Scleroderma and the fact the Raynaud's symptoms are worse and see what they say. Thanks for replying 😊

  • Hello Bealepup: I am sorry that your nail had to come off, as my 2 left middle digits are extremely disfigured, (half-moon) , never stop hurting, living life is miserable with out the use of my hands, but if you found relief then there is hope. Outside of this, my Kidneys are acting up, so on to surgery I go. Concerned beyond worry. Hopefully I can get these fingers treated as well. Goodness of feeling good be with you.

  • Hello bealepup: Good that you found relief, not good your nail had to come off, followed by infection. My digits (2 left-fingers) are paining my life. Drained beyond fatigued, and tears. I am going crazy. Pain meds are a temporary fix. Why is this happening to us? Is stress the cause? Could ingestion of medicine bring on a weakened immune system? Can anybody help us all who are suffering with this? The specialists seem to be baffled as well--so where does the remedy come from other than amputation? Are their any new treatments out there that have been tested? Please respond as it seems fit. Thank-you Discontent

  • Hello, not got any relief yet, pain the same as ever, not sure whether removal of nail was a good thing. It is now 4 weeks since removal had hoped for relief by now, seeing GP on monday and vascular surgeon week after so will see what they think. I don't have much stress in my life so don't think in my case it is a factor. Best wishes Beaglepup

  • This is Discontent, I am now on an anti-fungal medication which should ease this ulcer, and diminish the pain and hope for recovery. It is called Fluconazole 100 mg 2 tablets after eating. Side effects "liver watch". Have raynauds with fungai, how do not know, though I keep the area very clean. So many changes with an auto-immune disorder I am getting disturbed answering the phone, afraid to hear something else is wrong. I have SLE/Nephritis, and gastritis among other bothersome issues, like getting older, and not as strong to fight health issues. I wish us all good health on are 2nd half of life. Take care.

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