Update on digital ulcer

Now had digital ulcer under finger nail for 4 months, just will not heal. Had Iloprost in August and having another course in 3 weeks. Am now on Sildenafil 50 mg 3 times a day and Losartan 25 mg a day but no significant improvement either with ulcer or circulation. Am seeing vascular surgeon on 27th for possible debridement so hope he has a solution has anyone else had this problem ? Trying to keep warm now it is getting colder!

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  • Hello there, I sooo sorry to hear that you have been having such a time of it with on going pain in your poor finger. I hope that this surgeon will be able to remedy the problem. I guess that sometimes the circulation to a particular area can be so badly affected that the blood supply literally dies off regardless of the medications they give you. I know that I lost most of the pad of about four fingers a few years ago, but now they are all fine and better for it. The circulation is not great, but it is certainly hasn't been ulcerated again since it first happened. I wish you all my best. Lucy

  • Thankyou

  • I have had something like that but not a debridement. What is it?

  • It is surgical removal of dead tissue, as mine is under fingernail I think they will need to remove nail to get to infection. Not looking forward to this procedure as it sounds very painful, but as I am in pain all the time I hope this will help in the long term. Will post after procedure to let you know how it goes.

  • You will be having some sort of aneasthetic to deal with the pain. Let me know what happened. Good luck.

  • Saw vascular surgeon today, wants me to wait to see how I get on with the Iloprost next week and if still no improvement he will see me again in December and then decide whether to remove nail under anaesthetic. In the meantime have to put up with constant pain which is very acute when I get an attack of Raynauds which is now happening regularly now weather is colder. Hey ho roll on summer !

  • My rheumatologist is THE best in my area and she, too, failed to check for low iron in the bloodstream...I am glad I have refused medication and kept seeking additional opinions...see my earlier reply, please.

  • The surgeon seems to be sensible. Keep warm.Good luck.

  • My Raynaud's was getting severe on fingers and toes...a new doctor did special blood work to see how much Ferrin (iron) was in my blood and I am extremely low. This has made the Raynauds much worse. Also, the Omeprazole I had taken for years along with antacids most likely is why my body could not absorb iron. Am correcting iron deficiency with diet only at this time...am also going gluten free for the next 8 weeks to see if that helps as well. A regular CBC lab test does NOT determine how much iron is in your blood..other doctors missed this for years.

  • Had fingernail removed under general anaesthetic 2 weeks ago, pain has been very bad. Now have infection in finger so on antibiotics. I am not sure how long this will take to heal. It's very frustrating as it is index finger on right hand and I am right handed. Seeing vascular surgeon fo review on March 15 and rheumatologist on 21st so will see what they think. Good news though the Sildenafil and Losarten seem to be having an effect now, not so many attacks even in this colder weather. Keep warm everyone.

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