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Hello Jeano here,

Had the Endoscopy done yesterday (with sedation), and it went well. On the report, the Doctor has put

Patient has Scleroderma so may account for oesophageal appearance along with reflux. If that is true, I have had Sclero for longer than I thought as I have suffered acid reflux for years. Biopsies were taken, so now I have to wait until 18th December to get the results, but I see my consultant for the sclero in 2 weeks, so she might know something.

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Good luck with it all Jeano. I have endoscopy on 24 th November. Just had angiogram on Sunday also. Don't you wonder what's going on with this illness? It's like every week there is something else. Best of luck on 18th. I have , after months and months, got appointment with Rheumatologist. X

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I had a gastroscopy (without sedation) never again. I do know that my gullet stops working but what I wasn't expecting was the fact that the technicians said to everyone who had it done that day that they suffered with hiatus hernia. This was last January, I am still waiting to hear from my consultant who sent me for it.


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