Endoscopy and Angiogram

Hi . I hope everyone is keeping warm . I had an angiogram recently and it came back saying I had a breathing artefact but otherwise ok. But am now being sent for an echocardiogram to ensure I don't have Scleroderma induced Pulmonary Hypertension. Had a Gastro endoscopy yesterday which says I have reflux Oesophagitis grade A . What does that mean?

I still am getting heart attack like symptoms which only ease after a puff or two of Glyceryl Trinitrate spray.

I do have a confirmed diagnosis of Scleroderma but I am puzzled by all these tests. Anyone got a clue ?

At last at the Rheumatologist on Friday so that may clear up matters.

Thanks for all help. Lynn

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  • When I was first diagnosed with Scleroderma/Polymiositis I was sent for all kinds of tests. I had X-rays, lung function test, echocardiogram and a DXA scan for osteoporosis. I don't have any problems with all these areas but they are all just to rule out any problems.

    They do them a few times and when they have ruled out any health problems in these areas then they stop them. My rheumatologist has told me a short while ago I don't need these tests any more.

    I wouldn't worry, just be happy that you have a doctor who is thorough and making sure that you have these tests.

  • Thanks Irene . I just seem to be facing them all at once . But as you say at least I am being cared for.

    Hope you are well. Lynn

  • Yes, that is what I felt when I was diagnosed. All these tests coming at me. But I soon found out that these health problems didn't exist.

    I am a lot better now, I won't ever manage without Mycophenolate but the doctor said next time I see him he might be able to reduce it.

    I am fine, thanks.


  • Well I feel reassured now . Mind you I still am getting chest pains which sometimes feel like a heart attack so am also awaiting an echocardiogram to see if I have pulmonary hypertension.

    That will be great if you can reduce your medication Irene. Good luck Irene.

  • Hi Lynn

    Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well.

  • Thanks Jayne. 👍

  • Hi I also had several tests I thought I had pulmonary hypertension I was having trouble breathing and chest pain. My pulmonary Doctor had me go to the Cath Lab to check my lungs. I fortunately didn't have PAD. However my Cardio Dr checked my arteries and they were clogged. So what I was having was heart attacks. I had a Quadruple bypass almost two years ago and I'm doing well. Please get all the tests you never know what they will find!


  • Gosh Karen . Thank you for your reply. You certainly have been through it but I am glad to hear you are doing ok. I am to go for a lung test and an echocardiogram so hopefully that will help . Lynn

  • Good luck Lynn you will be fine I'm sure ☺️


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