Time for inspiration and change - and see who is right and who is wrong!

Hello again everyone

Well they finally have made me mad enough to make some changes! The doctors that is. Let me start with yes I am overweight, I have been overweight all my life. so it is not some new and strange occurance. I have suffered from Lichen Sclerosis for almost 6 years now and going to the Dermatologist was becoming a chore, as every time I went I as told I was overweight and that was the end of it, go home use your cream, lose weight. So I did, I lost 67lbs (4.7 st) but the condition was not getting any better. I asked my Dermatolgist well I am losing the weight but not getting better, when I get down to my goal weight will I then start seeing some relief from my pain and symptoms. She told me no, your weight has nothing to do with it, I just think it is more healthy for you to be thinner. OK, hmmmm

In the meantime, as I have lost the weight, I noticed that I was developing more problems, difficulty breathing, pain in my feet, terrible cramps all over my body, you get the picture. And I thought wait a minute I thought I was supposed to be getting better not worse as I lost weight! It was around this time that I was diagnosed with the Scleroderma and Raynaud's and the various other things. Boy was I glad, not glad to have a disease, but glad I was not going crazy and that I wasn't a hypochondriac! hehe

So the reason for my tangent (I know finally!), I have been having all these terrible pains in my feet, my abdomin, and torso area. Really bad pains, they take my breath away and make me cry. So I ask my Sclero specialist about it and am told it isnt anything to do with Scleroderma go see your GP. Ok, I go to my GP, he examines me and says that it is connective tissue points, you need to see your Sclero Specialist. Sigh

I am being sent for an exam this week to see if I have bacterial overgrowth and see if that is causing the pains in my abdomin and torso, so I asked what if it isn't that and was told, well you should think about losing more weight that SHOULD help! Well that made me more than a bit angry, I am tired of being told my problems are either my weight or my age, I will admit to some things of course, I am overweight and I am not a spring chicken anymore, although I am only 47, not 97 like they seem to be implying! I am truly inspired now to lose as much weight as I can and see if this helps, I know it will help my general health, Im not crazy I do know these simple things, but I want to see if it is the magic cure all that all my doctors tell me it is. I have 4 months until my next appt and I am determined to get as much weight of as possible by then and see if it helps, if it does fantastic but if not look out doctors LOL!

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  • Good luck xxx

  • All my problems started for me when i lost weight, i was overweight i was just over 12 stone with all my weight going on my top half, i dropped down to 9st, it was my choice to lose weight, my joints were starting to creak a bit, and i wasn't happy, but as soon as I lost the weight, i felt worse, raynaud's kicked in, i have joint pain, and fatigue, i also suffer from mild depression, all off which started after losing weight and they say it benefits you health wise, not me it didn't, I think doctors use the you need to lose weight line, in the hope that you won't and then they have something to blame all your problems on.

  • First of all I want to say congratulations on the weight you have lost so far - well done!! I think a lot of things are blamed on weight and I think it's great that you are so determined. Make sure you are doing it for yourself though - at the end of the day only you know how you feel and if you are feeling bad then maybe it's time to re-think things. Best of luck - stay well!

  • I am 55 and weigh between 8 1/2 to 9 stone and didn't make any difference to me still have all the aches and pains and moans and groans xx

  • UKNLV - I do not see a dermatologist for my Lichen Sclerosus but a specialist in that field - if you want more information I cud send you my email address where we cud speak more about it - let me know xx

  • You would not be able to put your email address on this site due to data protection etc. However, if you do want to be put in touch with each other directly call me at the RSA office to discuss this.

  • Yes, I guessed that... I would have contacted you first to see how to go about it. I would not in any way put my email address or telephone number or addres on any site. Thanks Fiona x

  • Thanks Anteater and I will contact Fiona about my email address. 'Type' at you soon hehe

  • Also, don't forget that you can "private message" people on the community either by going straight to the messages or to the person's profile and clicking "send me a message". This is if, eg, you have more intimate details you are happy to share with one member but not the whole community. It also means you don't need to share your personal email if either party is not yet comfortable with that.

    Please don't save all your great information for private messages though -- members do tend to look over blogs and questions all the time and can glean lots of really useful, helpful information if you keep it as open as possible.



  • I am doing the weight loss for myself as well as because I am tired of everything being put off to my weight. I hope it makes at least some of my pains better, but if not then they will have to look at actual causes and not keep saying it is because I am a fat little piggy! :)

  • Good luck with your weight loss, and your next appointment.

  • Hi, if you are having pains that are making you cry out, you must insist your doctor does further investigation. No one should be suffering like that without knowing what is causing it. Experience has taught me you do have to pester your doctor and not worry that they might think you a hyperchondriac, if they don't do further investigations change your doctor!

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