Excess calcium

Excess calcium

Is excess calcium a symptom of Raynauds ??..I have extra bone growing all over the place. 4 surgeries on my shoulder, because of excess bone growth causing pressure on nerves, and it`s starting to cause problems yet again. I have extra bone growths in both feet, which are asymptomatic, but make shoe buying a problem. I`ve had a schwannoma removed from my lower leg, and 6 months later the saga continues, and now waiting for a plastics appt. for a skin graft. Why do surgeons not listen?..I knew it wouldn`t heal, because of compromised circulation, and he looked at me like I`d crawled out of cheese !!This was the result of a supposedly simple excision !!!

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  • hi ni too have this stuff bad. it is eating my hands up. just had surgery on 2 fingers, i would love to talk to you. please email me or reply back. thanks webbie

  • hello, this summer,since june i have been fighting leg ulcers brought on by decreased circulation and excess calcification. dr. is treating me with a twice a week unna boot,that is a medicated soft cast wrap, applied to the lower leg and then wrapped with co ban wrap. we have been doing this for about a month and it is working. also i fell onto the same leg and did some sort of ankle damage,at first they thought it was broken but a ct scan revealed no break but extreme calcification of the soft tissue. so now i am using a walker and basically doing nothing but waiting for it to heal. maybe you could ask your doctor about the unna boot and see if it would be any option for you in the future. best of luck!

  • Hi Lynnie

    Oh my how awful for you, I have just had calcium coming out of my what I call "knee nodules" which get aggrevated when I wear my prosthetic legs, so been off my legs for about 6 weeks. this is my second bout but nothing like what your going thru. We know our own bodies, the drs are good but we must be listened to. I lost both my legs 6years ago but I do feel the drs left me too long before they did any thing and that's not good had septacemia nearly died. But all good now. Keep HOPE full I got thru and so will you, see better days, keep pro active about whats happening.

    Sending big hugs to you. xx

    And yes calcium is part of Raynauds/ Sclerodrma

  • Thank you Sue, I'm so sorry for what you've been through, really sorry. I do agree that dr's do not listen !!... I did ask the neurosurgeon to cover me with a/b's pre op, and post op, but he said no, and this is a very respected neurosurgeon, I could cheerfully stab him right now. I had a negative pressure vacuum attached to my leg for 4 weeks, then a smaller one for a week, and 49 days in bed !!... Still I don't have enough skin . The thought of a skin graft so low on my leg fills me with dread, if I'm honest. I didn't know that excess calcium is associated with raynauds , so I've learnt something today , thank you. My GP says I don't have scleroderma, as my ANA came back normal, but I do have some of the symptoms, it's a very non definitive disease, I reckon.

  • I was told by an expert that 10% of sufferers are seronegative so you may well fall into this small category - someone has to after all. So sorry for your problems - hope the skin graft works well.

  • Have they offered you topical negative pressure? Its a vacuum machine they apply to the wound for rapid healing especially if you have blood supply problems?

    I am a wound healing nurse and use it all the time.

  • Hello, thank you for your reply, I had the negative pressure vacuum attached for 4 weeks, then the smaller pocket sized one for 7 days. My wound has improved 90%, but not closed completely. My ortho surgeon says it`s not going to close as we`re 6 months into it now. Also, I don`t have enough skin to flex my foot, which is now becoming quite inflexible. I was a nurse in South Africa for 36 years, and I`m thinking that this wound isn`t going to heal now, without some kind of intervention.

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