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Calcium deposits

I have scleroderma, dermatomyositis, raynauds and mixed connective tissue disease. I have calcium deposits on the front of my hips, my elbows, my fingers and the top of the back of my legs. I also have calciun sheeting in in alot of my muscles. My docters at UCSF seem to not know what else to do... Does anyone else have this problem or any solutions for slowing them down or breaking up the exsisting ones?

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hi socold ( I can relate to that ! having lived with scleroderma and raynauds for the last 14 years !)

anyway, I can also relate to the calcium deposit challenge, although mine do not sound as severe as yours -so my sympathies to you.

I have scarring on my fingers, elbows, knees and toes from calcium deposits, I currently have 2 bubbling up on my right knee and one finger.

So far over the years i have tried lots of different creams, lotions etc and nothing has given me the results that I have had from using Pawpaw lotion !

I can not believe the results ! I had a lump on my left knee which was getting bigger over the course of a year.

I was introduced to pawpaw lotion a few months ago, started using it on my face, knee, hands and toes - and after 3 weeks the lump which had been present for a year had almost healed ! with no big hole being left in my knee ! wehoo !

I have a scar on my right knee whereby the calcium lump which finally came out left a huge hole in my knee - i thought I was going to pass out looking at it when I poked the calcium out! I also have a hole at the tip of my 4th finger on my left hand from a calcium lump setting up home there for a year or so and eventually I picked it out !

So since the pawpaw, I seem to be winning my challenge with the calcium lumps appearing. It is currently only available in Australia however i got mne from . you can read other testimonies on

I hope it helps you, although it is only a topical product so im not sure whether it will help your muscles, but then again it may as it helps the circulation - Ive found that Ive had fewer Raynauds attacks in my hands and feet since I have been using it. :)


Thank you so much living-the-dream-ssc-ray! I will definetly check out the websites and lotion. I'm excited to try something new. I really appreciate your response! Thanx


youre welcome ! we are all in this together ;) x


I too will try the paw paw as I have just had digital calcinosis removed from the tips of two fingers. Unfortunately there was a good deal of scarring as I had had one for over 2 and a half years and was thoroughly fed up with it. hope this will do the trick as they kept getting infected. I sympathise and will try anything that helps with the skin involvement so thanks for the recommendation. Keep positive and warm wishes.


ah thats great Suze you are going to try the pawpaw lotion - i hope it has the same results for you that it has had for me !

I got mine from

:) x


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