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Calcium help


What can be done to stop calcium lines I’m getting on my face nearly every day

I really need help asap as I’m waiting to get confirmation I have scleroderma

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Hi, sorry to hear this is upsetting you. what do you mean by calcium lines? do you mean calcinosis? It's unusual to get calcinosis on the face. What other symptoms do you have that lead to a suspicion of scleroderma? Do you know which type of scleroderma you have? Can you describe it please. Thanks

Scotty20 in reply to cowhide

I am waiting to see a rheumatologist in August to confirm my condition as Covid 19 has put NHS and Private consultants Way back for appointments

I am getting disfiguring lines On my face and hands skin with white liquid underneath and new ones seem to appear on different spots every day

My eyes have this above and below the eye lids but GP for sent knoW

Can anyone help

Scotty20 in reply to cowhide

I have swollen fingers with renauds turning them pale and burning hands with pain that comes and goes and pale feet with poor blood flow and red soles that feel cold at times and need double socks

Not sure what you mean by calcium lines? Do you mean calcinosis?

Scotty20 in reply to MissusTee

Yes it’s Calcinosis and is disfiguring my face with the lines

MissusTee in reply to Scotty20

It's very hard to treat, I've had it in my hands and I can feel one in my nose. You really need to see a specialist for any appropriate treatment, but I'm not sure what the answer is I don't think that there's any particular treatment that I've heard of I'm afraid.

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